Throughout the Undergraduate Assembly campaign, we’ve learned so much from talking with you, learning about your passions and reflecting on the insights that you believe will help Penn become a better place to live and thrive. In a rough year full of mental health concerns and campus protests, it is wonderful to work with you to address the most pressing campus issues. From action groups that involve all students in direct policymaking to outreach among diverse communities to greater involvement for freshmen and transfer students in University decisions, we want to empower you to effect substantive change in the lives of all Penn students.

The Daily Pennsylvanian recently expressed the concern that UA leadership may not always follow through on its promised projects. We have a solution: Why not directly involve the students who are most passionate about critical campus issues, regardless of whether they have leadership positions in Penn Student Government or other major student groups? Our goal is to create sponsored action groups in order to truly involve more students in policymaking for mental health, financial aid and other major initiatives, getting your ideas directly to Penn administration. In the end, you set our agenda and keep us accountable at all times.

Through engagement with groups such as One in Four and PATH, we wish to expand awareness of sexual assault prevention policies and honest, candid conversations to off-campus fraternities, club athletics and varsity sports teams, ensuring that all Penn students are conscientious and active participants in the nationwide campaign to end sexual assault once and for all. In particular, we see a major role for the UA in talking to athletics administrators about ways to incorporate sexual assault prevention on a deeper level than currently exists, engaging both students and Penn administrative offices to take a multi-pronged approach to such a critical issue.

In light of recent fraternity controversies at Penn and around the nation, we will tirelessly advocate for the need to bridge the gap between Greek organizations and the minority groups. Working with the Interfraternity Council, the Multicultural Greek Council, the 5B and even specific 5B constituent groups such as the NAACP to collect data and narratives about minority experiences in Greek life will go a long way toward promoting positive understanding.

Finally, this year’s UA campaign has largely neglected the interests of two important student groups — freshmen and transfer students. We will advocate for the creation of a “PennHelp” chat service and forum via the existing PennMobile app in order to bring the concerns of new Penn students and transfers directly to administration, ensuring that Penn provides adequate and equitable resources for each and every one of us.

We have dedicated all of our energies and passions to ensure that campus is constantly improving. If you desire an Undergraduate Assembly that includes both your voice and your ideas every step of the way, vote Aidan and Bill for UA!

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