Wharton Class of 2017! My name is Matt Immerso, and I’m running once again to be your Wharton Class Chair. We certainly have been through a lot this year. We partied during NSO, learned “leadership” during Management 100, and collectively shed a single tear when we read the first question on the BEPP midterm. Through every minute, I have been honored to represent you as Wharton Class Chair.

This past year, we held the standard (but still awesome!) events Class Board does every year, namely the Econ Scream and Cram N’ Jam. But we wanted more. We weren’t content with “just enough.” We organized hypnotist shows, Valentine’s Day rose sale, and a massive Class of 2017 dodgeball tournament. Do you want this and more next year!? Do you wish it could be accomplished just by clicking a button!? It can! Vote Matt Immerso for Class of 2017 Wharton Class Chair!

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