Jake Meiner

CB 2015 College Class Chair


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I, Jake Meiner, am proud to be running for re-election for College of Arts and Sciences Chair for the 2015 Class Board. These past three years, I have been honored to serve as a member of your Class Board, helping to bring you great events such as the 2015 Classic Ivy Sweater Sale, Reu-NIGHT at Smoke’s, and a number of fantastic events the year before that. I strive to engaging create a sense of unity among our incredible class by providing and organizing programming for all of us to take part in. If re-elected as, I will continue to foster meaningful relationships and interactions between the students of Penn’s largest undergraduate school as we head into our final year as undergrads. I have extensive experience as a leader and community organizer, and I am excited to harness that experience and energy for another year as your 2015 College Chair.