Daniel Kahana

UA SAS Representative


Over the past year, I have worked on many projects through the UA. One of these has been creating the UA Updates video report series that gives students an insider look on what the UA has been working on. This initiative is part of my goal to foster more transparency between the UA and the student body. There is a stigma that the UA does not accomplish anything, but I believe that this comes from the fact that there is no strong medium through which we can demonstrate our accomplishments.

My main initiative for this year and the next is focusing on international student integration. I also want to see more dining hours and late night eating options. Furthermore, I would like to see an enhanced dialogue with the college regarding sector requirements. Finally, I think all students should be able to log onto all computers, regardless of their school.

Endorsed by:

Women's Political League

Penn Publications Cooperative

Penn Democrats

Interfraternity Council

Assembly of International Students

United Minorities Council

W.E.B. Du Bois College House Council

College Republicans

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