Former University of Michigan athlete expelled for sexual misconduct

A starting kicker for the University of Michigan’s football team was “permanently separated” from the university due to his alleged rape of a female student at a frat party, The Michigan Daily reported on Tuesday.

The expulsion of Brendan Gibbons is the result of an incident that occurred on Nov. 22, 2009. Gibbons was arrested by police in that case, but was never criminally charged.

Officials at Michigan have declined to comment on Gibbons’ academic status as of yet, citing federal privacy regulations.

Columbia to finally release sexual assault data

After months of advocacy by student leaders, Columbia University President Lee Bollinger announced on Wednesday that the school would be releasing data on students who are punished for sexual assault.

Bollinger noted that the data being released would go beyond the Clery Act requirements, which dictates what data must be released by universities.

Columbia’s president also said that he supports a review of the university committee that oversees the adjudication of sexual misconduct cases, which students have criticized for taking too long to reach results.

William and Mary fraternity suspends operations after listserv embarrassment

The Sigma Chi fraternity at the College of William and Mary has voluntarily suspended operations after a bizarre and sexist listserv email detailing a fake community outreach program called “Save the Sluts” was leaked to the public.

“Seize the moment, stuff the box, and put the neglected pussies that haunt my dreams to rest,” an unidentified student wrote in an email, which appeared on the

The email, which referred to women as “the lesser sex” and full of “horrendously illogical bullshit,” also encouraged the brothers to, “master your craft, hone your skills, and perfect your stroke. Put two moist sponges in a solo cup and fuck that until you get it right if you have to,” the email read.

Both the chapter and the William and Mary president and vice president have issue statements condemning the email.

Northwestern football players move to unionize

Northwestern University football players are attempting to become recognized employees of their university.

The National College Players Association, an advocacy organization for college athletes, filed a petition on Tuesday with the National Labor Relations Board on behalf of the Northwestern football players. The players are asking to become unionized.

President of the NCPA Raymond Huma told ESPN that this move wasn’t “because of any mistreatment by Northwestern,” but that it’s purpose was to give players bargaining power with the NCAA.

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