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Sara Schonfeld
Sara, Struggling

When people ask me about my experience with Greek life, I usually make an off-color joke. This is in character for me. I tell people that rush taught me how to wear heels in snow and ice. I recount wild stories about how to handle awkward dates for formals and that time a guy refused to kiss me due to some incorrect assumptions about my ethnic background.

But if I’m being honest, being a part of Greek life has taught me a lot about myself. I’ve learned the confidence to carry myself through stilted conversations and how to break through small talk. I’ve learned what kind of friendships I need and how it feels to find a group of girls that will share even your lowest moments — and sometimes even laugh at your worst jokes.

This recruitment season, I’m working behind the scenes, helping a group of girls find their homes at Penn and seeing rush in a new light. Sometimes it means struggling, facing rejection and doubting yourself. But more than that, it means finding a home — and finding yourself. It means laser tagging and apple picking, and stocking your closet with some seriously cute T-shirts.

Sara Schonfeld is a College senior from Philadelphia, Pa. studying English and Hispanic studies. Her email address is Follow her @SaraSchon.

Greekin’ Out

Greek Life can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. In our first “Table Talk,” we asked our columnists — and others in the Penn community — to chime in on the pros and cons of Greek culture at Penn.


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