Jennifer Sun
Executive Editor

Credit: Sophia Ciocca / The Daily Pennsylvanian

I bought a book the other day.

I flipped through a copy of it in Barnes & Noble, and there wasn’t anything wrong with the book per se, but the medium didn’t quite deliver like it did before.

I hated that I couldn’t tweet every heart-wrenching line I loved and when I dragged two fingers across a paragraph, the page didn’t highlight. I couldn’t right-click, copy and paste.

So I put the book back on the bookshelf, whipped out my phone and then I bought the book — the e-book, which went for $8 cheaper than it did at the brick-and-mortar store I was standing in. And I could tweet to my heart’s content.

They say times are changing and we all know it. Gone are the times when we just read an article. Now, we tweet it, we Facebook it, we share it on any platform that’ll let us.

This year, like in the 128 years before us, our aim is still to showcase the student voice. We’ll still be printing the paper every day, covering the Penn news you care about and the student groups your friends are a part of.

But we’ll be doing it in more 21st century ways. Download our mobile app, read the breaking news stories @dailypenn tweets and click to our interactive graphics on your Facebook feed.

The 129th board of editors and managers has promised to shake things up. Cool things are coming your way — new things. Let us know what you think.

Jennifer Sun is the Executive Editor-elect of The Daily Pennsylvanian. You can reach her at sun@thedp.com.

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