I introduce myself as Arjun Mahadevan, “hello ya’ll,” but I hope you’ll eventually see me as the 8th wonder of the world, The Arj Mahal. I will tell you right now I’m a “Work Hard, Have Fun Hard,” kind of dude, you can see all of this when you search, “Vote For The Arj Mahal,” on YouTube. I’m not going to lie to you and make unrealistic bold promises, like getting air conditioners in EVERY dorm room (I live in Hill, I know how hot it is). I want to and will double school spirit. You want something done? Please let me hear it! I can promise I am the most approachable person you’ll meet; I’m here for the people, and the red and blue. Any issue that arises, Arjun is there for you. Vote Arjun for Class of 2016 Class Board President- What Can Brown Do For You?

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