UA and CB winners announced

Winners are bolded UA President Amalfitano, Matt 1822* Dubler, Grant 992 UA Vice President (points) Pan, Mark P. 5401** Cheng, Faye 4085 Shaeffer, Emily 3575 UA SAS Webley, Alec*** 832 Shuster, Jake 807 Dubler, Grant 761 Cruz, Chris 567 Sexauer, Zeke 519 Jakubowski, Andrew "A.J." 516 Monfred, Jon 511 Young, Amanda 464 Shahin, Mo 464 Chen, Mike 450 Lum, Andrew 441 Levenstein, Michael 434 Ip, Cynthia 434 Pak, Albert 406 Huberlie, Ali 384 Bloch, Adam 374 Brooking, Emerson 369 Amaniel, Alex 342 Boggs, Evan 224 Collado, Manfred A. 204 UA SEAS Shaeffer, Emily*** 260 Sternberg, Matt 238 Ernst, Tyler 245 Staniforth, Andrew 53 UA Wharton Houston, Ryan*** 231 Cheng, Faye 230 Horsley, Hunter 228 Pierce, Michael 177 Khan, Faizan 172 Klasa, Kasia 157 UA Nursing Melendez-Torres, G.J.*** 110 Class Boards, 2011 President Behrens, Adam 652 Sims, Sim K. 225 Executive Vice President Kaplan, Jeff 706 Vice President of External Affairs Wang, Kathy 262 Huntley, Therlow 259 Shahin, Mo 259 Vice President of Internal Affairs Eric Morris 137 Sabrina Benun 76 Vice President of Finances Huynh, Ellen 622 SAS Class Chairs Goodwin, Marcus Cheikh Anta 312 Steinhardt, David 281 SEAS Class Chair Deepak Prabhakar 48 Wharton Class Chair Cymerman, Steve 111 Nursing Class Chair Yang, Tamara 36 Class Boards, 2012 President Khan, Jibran 690 Executive Vice President Chauhan, Shri 658 Vice President of External Affairs Franklin, Samuel 610 Vice President of Internal Affairs Sun, Cecilia 607 Vice President of Finances Chivil, Ariella 608 SAS Class Chairs Kabia, Fatmata 338 Young, Amanda 373 SEAS Class Chair Pampati, Rudra 95 Wharton Class Chair Metchev, Penny 105 Nursing Class Chair O'Neill, Caitlin 28 Class Boards, 2013 President Youshaei, Jonathon 1033 Shuster, Jake 444 Executive Vice President Bilder, Laura 1083 Vice Chair of External Affairs Klasa, Kasia 1052 Vice Chair of Internal Affairs Watkins, Ben 567 Shapiro, David 448 Lubetsky, Lauren 224 Vice Chair of Finances Sexauer, Zeke 1050 SAS Class Chairs Dembowitz, Josh 404 Sanders, Beryl 323 Costable, Katie 295SEAS Class Chair Chatterjee, AJ 157 Wharton Class Chair Jayson, Matt 116 Knocke, Clayton 101 Pierce, Michael 38 Nursing Class Chair Stubbs, Spencer 63

*Total votes **UA Vice President based on points system, not total votes ***denotes University Council seat

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