This September, some AirPennNet users in the area were wounded by Snow Leopard problems.

While there were no confirmed physical injuries, some students were unable to connect to Penn's wireless network after installing Apple's Snow Leopard software update.

According to Mark Aseltine, IT executive director of Technical Support Services at the Office of Information Systems and Computing, these issues are caused by a modified network interface and can be reconfigured in 18 easy steps, available on Penn Computing's Web site.

Snow Leopard, also known as Mac OS 10.6, includes a variety of upgrades to speed and functionality. ISC testers reported that Snow Leopard "installs more quickly, boots faster and performs various Finder functions more quickly."

The program is available at Penn Computer Connection for $29 to users of Mac OS 10.5 and $98 for users of Mac OS 10.4. AirPennNet is said to operate properly on laptops purchased with Snow Leopard preinstalled.

Officially, ISC recommends a "wait-and-see" approach, as Norton Antivirus and other applications still have some compatibility issues with the new operating system.

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