Approximately 2,000 seniors graduate this weekend. Hopefully, we at the DP have had a relationship with most of you - to all of our readers and sources, we admire and salute your accomplishments. You're truly extraordinary.

But we've gotten to know a handful of you especially well because you worked at the DP. Whether it was a semester spent as an ad rep or copy assistant, or a board term as an editor or manager, it's been an honor to know you and a privilege to work with you.

As journalists, we realize that even our biggest stories fade in importance over time. This year's seniors covered an impressive range of topics: murder, rape and child-pornography trials; vanishing administrators; Halloween photo scandals. To even current freshmen, however, these are simply archived, albeit interesting, things from the past.

Where you had a great deal of impact, though, was on our lives. You taught us how to interview sources, lay out pages, take photos, sell an ad and balance a ledger. You were friends and mentors, and the small moments between the large ones are important, though less-recognized, components of your legacy.

This year's seniors have done amazing things in every facet of campus life. On sports teams, in studentgovernment, in clubs and volunteer and religious organizations, you've made huge progress toward your respective group's goals. In five years, however, how you changed your organization may be forgotten. How you changed your successors, though - we underclassmen will carry that forever.

Thank you.

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