Half Hollow Hills H.S. West '93 Dix Hills, New York Philadelphia Police made a major drug and gun bust after witnessing four heavily armed men tie up and gag a man in an apartment building two blocks from campus last October. When the raid was over at about 11:30 p.m., police had confiscated three weapons, including a TEC - 9 mini - machine gun, an 9-mm automatic pistol and an automatic .45 caliber gun. No one was injured during the raid. In addition to the guns, police confiscated in excess of one pound of uncut crack cocaine with a street value of more over $100,000. One of the men who was arrested was wanted for murder in an unrelated incident in which the victim was shot 23 times. Another man was wanted for robbery and burglary, and the a third had outstanding warrants for felony theft. After officers witnessed the assailants binding the man in the apartment building, they decided to stake out the location. Police waited until two of the gunmen had left the building before taking any action. As soon as the suspects left the building, the two men were immediately apprehended by police. The other suspects were captured only after leading police in a chase through the apartment building.

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