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While Mr. Silcox certainly provides the majority of the content here on The Buzz, the rest of the staff has big plans for a coup d'etat.

Well, sort of. In any case, expect to see some new faces in the coming weeks. You may be familiar with a few, but hopefully these introductions can provide new insight into DPOSTM.

First up, Senior Sports Editor.

Hi all! I'm Cal Silcox, senior sports editor of the DP. I'm from Washington, D.C. and was born and raised right on Capitol Hill, though none of my family was ever involved in government. I'm a fan of all D.C. sports, though I can't say I care much about the Wizards. I'm a big Nats fan and an even bigger Ryan Zimmerman fan, and was very lucky to cover the Nationals a few time last summer. At the DP I've covered a lot of things (even news, believe it or not) but my main focus has been men's basketball. In the rare moments that I'm not at the Palestra, I'm a junior in the college studying science, technology and society. My favorite movie is Back to the Future, and maybe if Megan is lucky, I'll go do some Yoga with her this semester.

Next, the Big Three.

Call me D. Wade (or M.Sois). I'm Megan Soisson, and as last semester's Associate Sports Editor, Bosh & LeBron (Kevin & LeBrian) brought their talents to join me at 4015 Walnut. Enough about the Big 3 (Cal is our surrogate Pat Riley), I'm not even a huge NBA fan...though I did drag my dad to a Lakers game in DC when I was in 6th grade. I even made us matching Kobe & Shaq t-shirts. I'm a huge sports fan — mostly pro, and especially the Steelers. I like to brag that I've had season tickets in my family since the 70s, and my first Steelers memory is in 1995 (at the ripe old age of 4) at a Super Bowl carnival event in Phoenix, Az. While I can't brag about the outcome of that game, I can brag about 6 Rings! Both my parents are from the Burgh, but aside from that short stint in the Phoenix area, I spent my formative years in a quaint town called Mechanicsburg, Pa., just outside of the Commonwealth's capital. In high school, I was a 3-sport athlete and now I just write and edit (I'll admit football has been my favorite). I really enjoy half marathons (never thought I would say that) and triathlons. I even won my age group in the Medford Lakes sprint triathlon this summer. I'm a sophomore studying nursing, though I'd love to attend law school and be a malpractice defense lawyer. I am also active in Sigma Kappa Sorority. Have I told you too much?

Yo, my name is Brian Kotloff, but my friends like to call me Kotty2Hotty. I'm a junior from Cheltenham, Pa., a suburb outside of Northeast Philly, and I represent one of Penn's smallest demographics: a Communications major that's not female or an athlete.  I grew up on Eagles playoff chokes, Phillies phutility, Allen Iverson and Big 5 basketball. The Fightin's recent rise to the top of the MLB and signing of my mancrush Cliff Lee has left me in a permanent state of glee, while the Eagles try their hardest to remind me I've only witnessed one championship in my lifetime. In this spring - man, this is very tough - this spring I'm going to take my talents to Walnut Street and join the 127 as a Sports Editor.

This guy has a turtle:

My name is Kevin Esteves, but unlike Kotloff, I am known by more than one alias; "Kesteves," "Kesti," (or "Keste," depending on your dialect,) and "Emilio" are the big ones. I'm a junior communication major hailing from the South Riverdale section of The Bronx, New York and I'm a huge NBA fan (see: Knicks wallpaper in my room at home). I grew up playing basketball 24/7 and hope to channel that passion into a career one day (sports journalism or other) but for now, it's about changing things up at the DP. I like to think that Kotloff, Soisson, and I engineered our big move up to the 127 a la the Heatles (the Bosh of the group seems to change weekly). The good news is that we've already had our rocky 9-8 start, so we're on the up and coming now under the tutelage of Calder Silcox (Pat Riley) and we're hoping to do big things.

I'm Michael Gold. After a year as the Sports Design Editor and a year of Senior Sports Editor, I'm going to be joining the DP retirement club and writing about men's basketball and at-large issues--yes, that's intentionally vague--this semester. After transferring to Penn following a freshman year at Indiana University (go Hoosiers!), I'm looking forward (read: dreading) to taking my Cinema Studies degree and heading out into the world.

My name is Ari Seifter, and I left my mark at the DP with my awesome headline-writing as an Associate Sports Editor two years ago. As far as I know I am currently the only sports writer in the Engineering school and also the only fourth-year staff writer. I was born and raised in Baltimore, so I am a diehard Orioles and Ravens fan and a Maryland Terrapins fan on the side. I'm a Computer and Cognitive Science major, but I'll be headed to medical school in the fall. I have previously been a beat writer for women's basketball (twice), men's tennis, women's lacrosse (twice), women's soccer, men's soccer (twice), and men's basketball.

Hi I'm Steve Childs '11. I am from Garden City, Long Island, major in History, and my favorite team is Mets. I follow baseball and am an avid track fan as well. I ran competitively in High School and college until a labral tear in my hip sidelined me.

Hi?! I'm Jennifer Scuteri, a current junior in the College of Arts and Science. I'm pursuing a double major in both English and Communication. Because I was raised in the Philadelphia suburbs, I have embraced the (often aggressive) culture of Philadelphia sports fandom. Chosing between the Eagles and the Phillies is like chosing which hypothetical child I love more. I am entering into my sixth (whoa!) semester writing for DPOSTM and served as an associate editor on the 125. I've covered field hockey, women's basketball, and women's lacrosse (the sport I played all throughout middle school and high school). Most recently, I have worked my way up to the ranks of the men's basketball beat. On campus, I am Vice President of New Member Education for Sigma Kappa Sorority. I am a member of Soundworks Tap Factory where I am continuing my unbroken 18-year tap dancing streak (I'm coming for you, Brett Favre). I also think very highly of peanut butter, Saturday Night Live, and Pandora internet radio.

Hi there! My name is Eli Jacob Cohen (Yes, I know what you're thinking, but that IS my real name) and I'm a junior sportswriter from Washington, D.C. I enjoy short walks on the beach (long walks are bad for my shin splints) and making my world-famous goat cheese and herb-roasted pine nut souffle. I always wanted to play football and basketball, but was always too short and too slow. So instead, I cover Penn football and basketball, as well as overarching issues in the Penn athletic community. It was once said that my writing is like a cross between that of Mark Twain and Shakespeare, but I'm not entirely sure who said so. I'm a big fan of Washington Redskins safety LaRon "Dirty Thirty" Landry, but not so much of the rest of the team. I love rap music (but can't stand top-40 pop hip-hop) and will never forgive Snoop for rapping on a Katy Perry song. I'm Cal's favorite employee at the DP [Ed’s note: Eli thinks he is Cal’s favorite employee]. I have three cats named George, Dingus and Huckleberg.

Hey everyone, my name is Chan Park (pronounced kind of like John or Shawn...not like Jackie Chan..) and I'm currently a junior from Basking Ridge, NJ studying Communication. I really enjoy watching and playing most sports but I'm a huge basketball fan and played it throughout middle school and high school. Luckily, I'm covering the men's basketball beat this season but have also covered volleyball and men's tennis as well. Outside of the DP, I sing with Full Measure Christian A Cappella, enjoy grabbing Lyns sandwiches for lunch and in my free time (or whenever I just don't feel like doing anything) I like to watch Community, 30 Rock and The Office...which also happens to be 3/4 of NBC's Thursday night lineup.

I’m Sushaan Modi (and if you really feel the need you may call me Sushi) and I’m a freshman who single handedly almost ruined Cal’s surprise birthday. I was born in Demarest, which is in the nice part of NJ (home to the worst basketball and hockey team in the country). I am the only one in my family who watches sports regularly so my entire extended family believes I am adopted. My favorite team is the Yankees so please get it out of your system right now. I am a proud New York Red Bulls fan (for those of you who probably don’t know it’s an MLS team) and a huge US Soccer team because I watch every game. In high school I was the shortest hurdler in the county and am the subject of every short joke (even from people who are shorter than me).

Hi! My name is Alyssa Kress. I'm a sophomore transfer student from UNC. Currently, I am writing about swimming and diving and women's basketball. I'm from Abington, a suburb of Philly. Naturally, I am a huge Philly sports fan. And like clockwork, the Eagles have disappointed me again. I'm a political science and communications double major and I want to be a sports broadcaster. I love watching TV, eating Kraft mac&cheese, and Disney World, the happiest place on earth :)

My name is Alex Siegel, a sophomore PPE major from Portola Valley, CA. I am a devoted fan of the World Champion San Francisco Giants, and my facebook interests include Penny Lane, the Feeney call, J.T. Snow, and anything narrated by Morgan Freeman. I mostly employed by the DP for my critically acclaimed work with our weekly "30 Seconds" spots, but once in a while I write real stories as well. I hope you enjoy reading them.

My name is Brette Trost and I’m a sophomore in the College majoring in English with a minor in Hispanic Studies. As a bona fide New York City girl and Mets fan, I am obsessed with baseball and hating the Yankees. Despite dealing with heart wrenching season collapses and having an elementary school journal covered with stories of how I hate Armando Benitez, my ability to root for the underdog against long odds has prepared me well for Penn sports. I have covered softball, women’s soccer and women’s basketball and I’m also Assistant Music Director of The Penny Loafers, Penn’s co-ed a cappella group.

Hi, I'm Becky Umbach. I'm currently studying Criminology and Communications, but who knows where I'll end up. At any time I am most likely watching a TV show about criminals or murderers, which is somewhat morbid but always good for cocktail/dinner party conversation. I moved to Massachusetts at a very opportune time, just four years before the Red Sox's first World Series win in 86 years. I was the girl in class who could rattle off statistics and standings at the drop of a hat, making me somewhat of an oddity. The highlight of my sportsfan life was when I went to Red Sox Spring Training and I got Jacoby Ellsbury to sign a ball for me while they were shooting a Sports Illustrated cover. He and Clay Bucholz are way taller close-up. I managed the boys baseball team in high school, and I like to think that their New England Championship was somewhat due to my superb chocolate chip cookies, which was as much a job requirement as any actual knowledge of baseball. I've written stories about a variety of sports, and most recently covered Men's Soccer.

Salutations, I'm Ethan Lalakea Alter, staff sportswriter for the Daily Pennsylvanian. I hail from fair Los Altos, California. As a former sprint football player (pushing 187 pounds), I bring a unique perspective and tenacity to writing about Penn sports. This season, you can catch my articles about WHoops (that's women's basketball, not an expression of frustration) and wrestling. I do not know what else to say.

Hey guys! I'm Stephanie Rice, a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences. I am a sports writer currently covering Men's Squash and Tennis. Born and raised in the best county, Wade County, I am proud to call Miami, the 305, my home. King James rules this paradise and is quickly making up for my poor Dolphins depressing showing this season. In addition to writing for sports, I am a copy editor for 34th Street. But when I'm not cheering on my beloved Heat or hanging out at The DP offices, I especially enjoy baking and blowing off steam at Pottruck. Get excited for what should be an awesome winter sports season!

I'm Mike Tony, current freshman in the College of Arts & Sciences.  Born and raised in Uniontown, PA, I'm a devout Pittsburgh sports fan.  I've covered Men's and Women's squash for DPOSTM.  I love the Terrible Towel, scrambled eggs, The Simpsons, and the color yellow.  On Sunday mornings, I host Popscene with Mike Tony, a WQHS Penn student radio show that showcases my dual passions for sports and rock n' roll pop music (The Beatles come to mind).  In addition to being a member of the Penn Band (trumpet) and Penn Scrabble Club, I also enjoy studying American and world history as well as slightly more useless trivia, sports or otherwise (think Jeopardy, Stump the Schwab, Cash Cab--also yellow).

Hi! My name’s John Phillips and I’m a freshman in the College. I’ll be covering squash for the next couple of months. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, and due to this, my heart has been broken more times than I’d like to admit. For some reason, all Philadelphia sports fans have this agitating tendency towards believing in their teams when all logic suggests that we should just watch reruns of Two and a Half Men for the next three hours. That having been said, I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than watching a good game.

Hello, my name is Stephen Purcell and I am a freshman in the College. Growing up IN (not around or near) Philadelphia, sports is more or less thrust upon you. Therefore, I am a big Philadelphia sports fan: Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, Sixers in that order. Also, I am loving my time working for the Sports section of the DP. It has help me become a better writer and learn the importance of responsibility. In my spare time, I like to golf. I am a masked bandit, I mean caddy at North Hills Country Club during the golfing season (March to October).

My name is Brandon Bell and I am a staff writer for DPOSTM. I’ve covered women’s soccer, men’s tennis, fencing, and have worked on the recruiting initiative on the Buzz. Hailing from northern New Jersey, I am quite unorthodox in that I root for the Yankees and Jets. Living in a Penn family dynasty (two alumni parents and a sister who is a senior), I have been surrounded by the Red and Blue since birth. Also a Penn basketball junkie, some of you may have seen me on national TV behind the Penn bench against Kentucky (I could touch zack rosen!). Another cool fact about me is that I’ve been to every Major League Baseball Stadium with San Francisco being my favorite.

Hey y’all, I’m Aaron Campbell, a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences. As you can guess this means this is my second semester writing for the sports section. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, I obviously love the Cowboys. How was it being a Cowboys fan in a Vick-laden Philadelphia this fall? Well obviously it was a difficult year, but I can now at least take solace that it at least won’t be the Eagles competing for a Super Bowl in my hometown. I also love college football. Thankfully, it’s a passion that the rule-laden Ivy League has yet to squash. (No FCS tournament, really?) More recently for the DP, I’ve started covering both the Men’s and Women’s Swim teams, a sport I did myself for four years in High School. I must admit it is nice for once to enjoy my winters from outside the freezing water.

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