Anything but Uniform: St. Joe's


For the first time this year, Penn will be playing a team that has two away uniforms. The Hawks have their standard black, and the alternate red.

The Hawks did wear the red in their last game against Saint Louis, which St. Joe's won. So we'll see if they are alternating or going with what worked last.

I personally like the black jerseys better. They're more colorful (I like black better than gray -- it seems stronger) and the red jerseys look too much like those of fellow A-10 teams UMass and Fordham.

Temple also has a similar color scheme but wears black uniforms, so maybe the red is a good Philadelphia alternative to the Owls.

It turns out that St. Joe's wore these red uniforms last year. I like them better than this year's because of the black trim, and I would even favor them over the black uniforms. Too bad they're gone.

So I hope it's black tomorrow night.

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