Columbia coach blows a gasket


They were seven of the most unreal minutes of my sports-writing life. Following Penn's 16-0 win over Columbia yesterday, Lions coach Norries Wilson absolutely exploded at his post-game press conference, and it was a sight to be seen.

Wilson was asked by a reporter from the Columbia Daily Spectator to discuss the inconsistency on offense. His answer, while talking a little about the inconsistency on offense, revolved mostly around the following central themes:

  • The fact that coach Al Bagnoli is the only person at Penn who treated him with any "modicum of respect"
  • Penn assistant coaches negatively recruiting against Columbia
  • Penn administrators talking to Columbia players at halftime, telling them they play for a JV program
  • The fact that he isn't allowed to bash the officials, so he won't talk about all those times that the Quakers offensive line was holding
  • The game was played 18-on-11
  • Columbia should hire Penn's offensive line coach to teach his players how to tackle
  • Twice using versions of the age-old line that if writers know so much about football, they should coach the team
  • The Ivy League does not want a strong Columbia team, because Ivy teams enjoy an easy win on their schedule

Much more on this in the coming issues of The Daily Pennsylvanian

I'm not the world's biggest fan of the Ivy League bands, but I think, in general the halftime shows are in good fun and occasionally make me laugh. But I guarantee you that I was not laughing after Columbia's halftime show yesterday.

It might be funny to enjoy the Mets' success while the Yankees were bounced from the playoffs. But using the line that the Yankees pitching staff went "down in flames" is not the least bit funny.

As somebody who knew Cory Lidle, I can pretty much guarantee you that his widow must have had a good sense of humor, because Cory was a funny guy. So go try that joke out on her; I'm sure she and their 6-year-old son would think it was hilarious.

Wisconsin's band got suspended for its conduct last week, and Columbia's should get the same punishment this week. That was a disgrace.

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