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The news about Glen Miller today unfortunately came on the first day of a month in which The Daily Pennsylvanian won't be publishing because of finals and winter break, so we don't have the opportunity to print any papers with all of our columns reacting to the decision to relieve Miller of his duties. However, I decided to write a column anyway and post it to

Here's a quick recap: Steve Bilsky emphasized that he fired Glen Miller (he never actually used the word "fired" but that's what happened, so that's what I'm calling it) because of his leadership and community-building efforts at Penn and in Philadelphia, moreso than for his dreadful career record and 0-7 start to this season. As terrible as the team has been on the court, I agree with Bilsky that Miller's greatest shortcomings were in the overall way he treated the program. One thing I didn't mention as a weakness in his public relations was the way he handled the media, which many of us at the DP can attest to. He was notoriously difficult to interview and had regular outbursts when faced with difficult questions about his team's struggles. But Bilsky never directly admitted that he made a mistake hiring Miller, even though he clearly recognizes the importance of community leadership and a Philadelphia connection, and Miller's lack thereof. He avoided addressing any questions pertaining to Miller or his shortcomings at Penn, instead trying to focus the discussion of today's teleconference on the future. Instead, he should have admitted his mistake and demonstrated that he knows why he was wrong. At least that would instill some confidence in him for the future, showing that he can lead this program back to its proper place at the top of the Ivy League. Without actually admitting his mistake, he's just digging himself a deeper hole.

On the bright side, his decision to name Jerome Allen as the interim coach shows he will very much be dedicated to choosing a coach with strong Penn ties when it comes time to find Miller's permanent replacement.

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