Quote of the year


This isn't the NFL -- I can't go to free agency and pick [a kicker] off the waiver wire. So we'll have to keep working with the people we have, and hopefully they'll get better.

That was Al Bagnoli after the Quakers lost a second straight game on a missed field goal in overtime.

So what does Bagnoli do later in the week? He goes on the waiver wire and picks up a kicker.

Sort of. At least, he does the college equivalent.

As reported in today's DP, Bagnoli made a move that only five programs in the nation have the luxury of making. He picked up the kicker from the sprint football team.

Stine was part of the four-man varsity kicking circus in 2004, joining Evan Nolan, Bryan Arguello and Zoch. His career highlight came in a sprint uniform when he booted a 46-yarder against Cornell last year.

The existence of the sprint football team makes for an interesting opportunity for the Quakers. In particular the kickers, because something tells me they wouldn't have pulled a new linebacker from the 172-pound-and-under team.

But it gives a spot for a backup kicker to get reps with defenses coming at him at game speed and try to get over a case of the yips.

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