Anything but Uniform: Yale


Hey Penn fans! Want to see a team that actually looks like Penn State?

Well you'll get your chance tomorrow as Penn visits Yale, which looks like this at home.

Aside from a few minor differences (Yale's actually more complex, with pants piping, shoulder logos, a slightly different number font, and a helmet with two stripes and a logo instead of a blank helmet with one stripe), the two teams are essentially the same, with the exact same color schemes and basic template. They even both sport the "white collar" look (Yale, Penn State)

You could also make the case that Yale just looks like Penn without the red. Either way, you have to give the Elis credit for having the most simple uniform in the league, and almost in all of college football, and not adding ridiculous piping and/or alternate colors like many other schools do. It's an old-school look that looks good.

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