Anything but Uniform: Brown


Now this could have been good. Brown has a great logo to use on its helmet, but alas it doesn't, instead going with the whole word "Brown" instead of this awesome look it used between 2001-2003. The helmet now has way too much going on.

Although, on a side note, it's nice to see the DP using the old helmet in its print edition (click on the link on the right of the page).

As for the rest of the uniform, again I think there's too much going on. The road uniform, which looks like this, has an absurd five stripes on the pants and sleeves, and has too much red and silver, which are the alternate colors of the school. And besides, can you think of any team that looks good in, or even wears brown, red, and silver together?

Have a happy Homecoming, and enjoy the game.

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