Seven events…and whole lot of snow…ahead for DPolitics staff


NASHUA, N.H. — The cold never bothered me anyway ... but will it bother voters?

It's 21 degrees here in New Hampshire, and it just started to snow. Transit is going to be a bit rough.

Too rough for coverage, though? Spinelli, who has been the logistical backbone of these political trips, fears that candidates may start calling off their events if the snowfall is egregious. Already, our Jeb(!) event has been moved.

Colin, our president, chauffeur and dad this trip, says it's a game-time decision. While he says he'll bring us back to Philly if it looks like New Hampshire's highways will be legitimately dangerous, he doesn't think it will get to that point.

But that's just how it affects us, seven transplants in a state whose vote tomorrow can generate momentum for some candidates and fatally cripple others. For this voice to be truly representative, people need to get out and vote.

Historically, turnout for elections drops drastically if the weather is unfavorable, and mobilizing voters on a Tuesday in February is probably hard enough without the Granite State looking like Winterfell (but really, is Jeb! going to pull a Jon Snow and come back to life in the polls?).

So what do you think? Would you drive a couple miles in the snow to vote in a primary? Let us know in the comments. 

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