Photo Feature: Scenes from New Hampshire


Over eighty people from Arkansas, dubbing themselves "Arkansas Travelers" showed their support for Hillary Clinton.

On the eve of the primary, Hillary Clinton hosted a "Get out the Vote" event at Manchester Community College

Former president Bill Clinton appeared at Manchester Community College to introduce and support his wife.

Hillary Clinton spoke Monday to a packed crowd at Manchester Community College, focusing on education and healthcare.

A member of the crowd captured a Snapchat of Hillary Clinton's speech.

Hillary Clinton's supporters crowded around her following her speech in hopes of shaking her hand or capturing a photo together.

Approximately 5,000 people filled the Verizon Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire for a Donald Trump rally the night before the primary.

James Geschwindner, a New Hampshire resident and Trump supporter, said that "we need Mr. Trump so bad to make this country count again, and the Americans in this country count. We’re minorities in our own country."

The night before his victory in the New Hampshire Republican primary, Donald Trump expressed his anger at America, mentioning several times that "we don’t win anymore."

Several standing attendees at Donald Trump's rally attempted to get photographs of him while on stage.

A man recorded cell phone video of Mr. Trump's speech.

"We are going to make America great again" said Trump as his crowd cheered and held up signs.

Several of Ohio governor John Kasich's campaign staffers were inside Murphy's Diner in Manchester on the morning of the primary.

Outside a polling location in New Hampshire, people showed their support for candidates such as Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, and Vermin Supreme.

A Vermin Supreme supporter spoke passionately about zombie apocalypse education.

Presidential candidate Vermin Supreme appeared at Londonderry High School.

Voters at Londonderry High School filled out their ballots on Tuesday.

Bill and Chelsea Clinton stood by Hillary Clinton after her loss to Vermont senator Bernie Sanders.

In her concession speech at Southern New Hampshire University, Hillary Clinton spoke about fighting Wall Street as well as her recent trip to Flint, Michigan.

Despite her loss in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton's crowd showed enthusiasm.

A member of the crowd captured a photo of Hillary Clinton as she moved through the room after her concession speech.

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