DPolitics: Your Vote 2016, Feb. 22


We asked, but only one group of you answered — and that group is definitely feeling the Bern.

As part of our political coverage this election cycle, we have been asking for reader submissions telling us what they think of the election. We went back and looked at the responses from the last few days, and while a good amount of them are not serious (one respondent promoted our City News Editor Dan Spinelli), the serious ones had one thing in common: they all favored Senator Bernie Sanders. 

Here is a selected bunch.

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David Grabowski: "I'm voting for Bernie. Fixing wealth inequality, making college more affordable, protecting LGBTQ rights, and overturning Citizen's United are all issues I strongly care about. Bernie seems to be the only remaining candidate who has consistently pressed those issues."

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov: "I'm voting for anyone who isn't Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or Marco Rubio. I'd prefer Bernie Sanders over Hillary to come out of the democratic field, but I would vote for either over those three politicians. I am undecided how I feel about the seemingly moderate John Kasich (I'm not fully convinced he is truly moderate) and would probably prefer Jeb Bush (Jeb!) to come out of the republican field. As this is unlikely and Michael Bloomberg won't run unless Bernie surprisingly comes out of the Democratic field, I will likely end up voting for Hillary when she inevitably faces off against Rubio or Cruz. I could go on about the issues that I believe strongly about, but I think that Bernie's ideas about revolutionizing the political sphere are both appealing and what will ultimately prevent him from winning a general election. I'm not a huge Hillary fan. However, I would greatly prefer her over the absolutely insane Donald Trump, the ultra conservative and relatively anti-Semitic Ted Cruz, and the bafflingly dumb and way too conservative Marco Rubio. Honestly though, a third term for Obama."

Nikolas Alvelo: "I'll be voting for Bernie Sanders in the primary, and hopefully in November, too. Sanders represents the minority voices of this country in a way that Clinton can only weakly claim. Sanders speaks against the interests of big banks and corporations in our government and advocates for the rights of the poor and immigrant populations long overlooked or stepped on by the United States government. The fact that Trump is a viable candidate on the GOP side makes me literally sick to my stomach, but I have faith in Bernie's grassroots campaign. Bernie is running for us all, not just himself."

Alexander Panetta: "I am voting for Bernie Sanders because I think that he is the only candidate that will actively try to get things done in office. Sanders is a candidate who is passionate about today's pressing issues. He's anti-war, has a reputable record in fighting for civil rights, the only candidate who has vowed to work towards the legalization of marijuana, and he plans on taking on private prisons, big banks, and Wall Street. Bernie Sanders is the voice of the everyday, middle-class American and he deserves to win."

Daily Pennsylvanian Copy Associate Harley Geffner: "I'm voting for Bernie Sanders because I think the more votes he gets, the more our society moves in a progressive direction. Regardless, I think that Hillary is the best and most qualified person for the job even though I'm not voting for her."

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