Former Arkansas State Senator recalls history with Clintons


MANCHESTER, NH — As a Hillary Clinton rally got ready to begin at Manchester Community College on Monday, the Daily Pennsylvanian crew ran into Jay Bradford, a former Arkansas State Senator who worked closely with President Bill Clinton while the former US President governed the state.

To Bradford, Hillary is a fitting successor to her husband as leader of the nation.

“She is ready to serve as our chief executive,” Bradford said. “She is so good and so bright.”

Singling out her work on children’s, health, and education issues, Bradford asserted that his lifelong relationship with the former United States first lady has been nothing but positive.

“She worked hard on issue after issue,” Bradford recalled.

The former Land of Opportunity Congressman even admitted that the former Arkansas First Lady had pull superior to her husband’s during legislative deliberation.

“When she’d call me late at night about a bill, I’d cave and I’d vote for it every time.”

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