Robots write on Penn Basketball


You may have seen an article on this in the New York Times this weekend, but a company called StatSheet has been writing software programs that aim to make sportswriters obsolete (uh oh).

They've created over 300 sites that track different college teams, including Penn's very own Quakers basketball team (and the rest of the Ancient Eight). I normally wouldn't point out my competition, but this is actually pretty cool (and I don't feel threatened at all).

The writing on the site is still somewhat buggy with nouns and verbs often out of whack, but if you love stats and cool charts, you should check out to see what the robots are up to. I'll be sure to post some of the interesting stuff that I see as the season wears on.

The best things I've seen so far is the season preview. Be sure to check out the 2009-10 fan satisfaction trend. It's spot on.

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