09/24/16 1:31pm
The Wharton Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Club usually sees four to five startups every year that are ready to look for financial backers.
09/15/16 4:26am
Donald Trump has said he would deport 11 million undocumented workers in the United States. But his alma mater predicts large economic repercussions based on his immigration plan.
09/15/16 4:24am
The Amazon@Penn opened last May and has since impressed students with its convenience and use of new technology.
09/12/16 4:14am
PennApps — the weekend-long hackathon at Penn that happens twice a year — drew to a close in Irvine Auditorium on Sunday.
09/06/16 6:39am
In interviews with four former Office of College House Computing employees and two student ITAs the picture of a small office on the precipice of boiling over comes into focus.
09/06/16 6:15am
The Pennovation Center is a 58,000 square foot business incubator and laboratory located on Grays Ferry Avenue by the Schuylkill River.
07/28/16 4:21am
Will Hampton and Bill Lynch, 2010 College graduates, launched HotMaps, a social networking app that streamlines the search for nightlife locations using a numerical rating system on June 29.
07/21/16 3:37am
Virtually every large employer now uses automated applicant tracking software to filter through the mountains of resumes.
07/07/16 2:52am
This year’s President’s Innovation Prize recipients are joining the Pennovation Center, the University's Division of Facilities and Real Estate Services announced on June 28. 
07/07/16 2:50am
Differential privacy is a set of statistical techniques that can produce information about a certain population without providing enough information for individuals within that population to be identified.
05/26/16 2:22am
According to Canvas at Penn’s blog post about the May 16th user interface update, everyone would “jump for joy over the new Canvas UI!” But to students, while a welcome change, the update was largely inconsequential.
04/28/16 1:38am
The card game company, known for its crude and unusual antics like selling a box of bull feces literally labeled “Bullshit” on Black Friday, offered her a full four-year scholarship to earn her STEM degree.
04/28/16 1:30am
Spanish, French, Mandarin — and Java? As the debate to consider counting coding as a foreign language grows louder, members of the Penn community weigh in on the possibility of a similar policy here.
04/25/16 5:27am
In the midst of a growing startup culture in Philadelphia, Weiss Labs hosted Demo Days, one of its largest entrepreneurship events of the year. On Friday, dozens of guests had the opportunity to watch seven of Philadelphia’s top startup companies present their pitches in front of a panel of venture capitalists for feedback.
04/23/16 10:00am
Penn Medicine, along with five other peer institutions, has partnered with The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy to develop new techniques for the treatment of cancers.
04/12/16 6:31am
The energy industry burns hundreds of millions of dollars worth of methane as fuel every year, simply because it’s currently the most efficient use of the gas. But Penn Chemistry professor Daniel Mindiola is researching cleaner and more productive uses. 
04/12/16 6:26am
One Penn professor has set his sights far beyond University City: He has teamed up with NASA to discover planets like Earth that exist beyond our own galaxy.
04/01/16 10:00am
Only a few months after being founded, Penn's brand new start-up incubator WeissLabs is already helping launch seven up-and-coming student companies. 
03/31/16 5:59am
Three of the sixteen finalists of Inc. Magazine’s Best College Startup of 2016 competition are composed of Penn undergraduates.