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03/24/15 1:34am
While they might not be able use it on their endless trek down to the Engineering quad, a team of 35 Penn students have hand-built an electric race car that can exceed 100 miles per hour.
03/24/15 1:33am

Dual-degree program launches between Graduate School of Engineering and Law School

Unlike going to law school, the one-year program will not license students to practice law, but will give them a legal background and training in their respective fields. 
03/22/15 10:00am

Hexagon senior society unites upperclassmen engineers

The society has already tapped its potential members, and its first recruitment event, called "a smoker," was held on Wednesday night. Within a week, Hexagon will welcome their newest group of members. 
03/17/15 1:20am
Six students engineered their way into working at the nation’s most promising startups.
03/05/15 1:06am
Five Engineering seniors are changing the life of an 8-year-old boy while revolutionizing the field of 3-D printed prosthetics for their senior project.
02/26/15 1:59am
Wharton and Engineering seniors Ashwin Amurthur and Teddy Guenin are in the process of launching a company that will help limit the environmental impact of fracking.
02/24/15 10:37pm
The University received a prestigious three-year grant from the National Science Foundation to establish an I-Corps Site to support translation of research into the marketplace.
02/23/15 11:23pm
At Penn Alexander School, Graduate School of Education professor Yasmin Kafai developed a middle school-level coding course to engage students in the art of video game design. Kafai's course speaks to a larger trend in advocacy for computer science as a part of formative education.
02/23/15 2:25am
Although only 20 percent of engineering students nationwide are female, mentorship builds bonds within the field that drive success.
02/22/15 4:00pm
Engineering backgrounds are becoming increasingly important to careers in the film animation industry.
02/19/15 1:49am
Two seniors are vying to save nonprofits thousands of dollars.
02/14/15 10:00am
The Penn Engineering school faculty are internationally known for their innovative research that is revolutionizing fields ranging from computer science to biology to animation.
01/24/15 10:00am
Last semester, two engineering students produced a project meant to enlighten the public about the lack of recognition for females in the engineering field.
12/10/14 3:33am
Tuesday night, this year's OPIM 415 class, Product Design, met in Houston Hall to present their final products.
11/19/14 11:51am

A $1 million prize for solving the early childhood education gap

Registration for the 2015 Hult Prize, the world’s largest student, start-up incubator with a $1,000,000 prize, has just come to a close.
11/11/14 12:28am

The new text messaging

WeHUB Messenger, a start-up messaging app founded by Wharton MBA alumnus Hagen Lee , aims to give users greater control over their conversations. Eleven of the app's main features are pending patent approval. Hagen said that the app aims to give users the ability to “express emotion in its purest form.” It officially launched in mid-October, and WeHUB hosted a Penn scavenger hunt with clues given through the app from Oct.
10/02/14 2:17am
Free 3-D printing comes to the Towne Building.
09/24/14 12:32am
Currently, there are a number of graduate students working on Penn xLAB, primarily from mechanical and electrical engineering backgrounds.
06/10/14 4:37pm

Wharton MBA grads create app to streamline hospital communication

Divya Dhar and Lane Rettig created Seratis, a mobile app soon to begin a new pilot site in the psychiatric ward of Penn Medicine, to improve the sporadic communication between physicians interacting with common patients.