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Student Life

09/01/15 12:44am
There are groups for students who fall into many intersections of the LGBTQ spectrum by race, religion and interest.
09/01/15 12:39am
While some are capitalizing on high housing rates for visitors, others are opening their doors freely and still others are restricted in having guests that weekend. 
09/01/15 12:08am
Sayid Abdullaev is one of thirty applicants shortlisted to travel into space.
08/30/15 11:27pm
PennApps, the largest collegiate hackathon in the country, will take place next weekend.
08/30/15 10:34pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian caught up with a few organizations on campus to share their missions and recruitment strategies.
08/30/15 10:25pm
Randal Olson, a postdoctoral researcher in the Medical School, does not believe the data is valid or that it is ethical to draw conclusions from the Ashley Madison data.
08/30/15 10:15pm

Smaller college houses boast vibrant communities

For the roughly 500 students living in Gregory and Stouffer College Houses, the dorms serve as the epicenter of their Penn experiences.
08/30/15 8:48pm
Pope Francis’ two-day visit during the last weekend of September is expected to attract over a million people to the city.
08/30/15 1:00pm
Abroad reporter Jessica McDowell describes Penn students' experiences waiting for their sessions to begin.
08/30/15 10:00am
Penn Dining is using the hashtag to receive student feedback.
08/29/15 11:00am
On certain Wednesday nights, the Museum will also host P.M. @ the Penn Museum: School Nights
08/28/15 11:53am
Since FroGro sits on Penn-owned property, the University had to approve the store's right to sell alcohol under their contract.
08/26/15 9:58pm
Two couples share their stories of summer romance.
08/25/15 11:36pm
The political debates may be in full swing, but the presidential candidates aren’t the only ones who have their eyes on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Take a look at Penn’s summer 2015 White House interns
08/25/15 11:16pm
Penn is the most LGBTQ-friendly Ivy, according to Campus Pride, an organization that tracks university acceptance of the LGBTQ community.
08/25/15 11:02pm
The startup allows students to buy and sell anything from textbooks and dorm supplies to tutoring services.
08/25/15 10:53pm
New students said they were caught off guard by the extent of the partying and the accessibility of alcohol on campus.
08/25/15 2:58pm
After a two-year battle with the Penn administration and national fraternity, Penn’s chapter of Pi Kappa Phi had its charter revoked over the summer.
08/20/15 2:37am
The defunct policy largely applied to groups of four residents living in three bedroom apartments in the high rises. 
08/20/15 2:21am
As Penn’s political community gears up for another year, these are the prominent and/or up-and-coming organized candidate support groups on campus.