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Student Life

09/29/16 12:00am
Created last fall as the pet project and legacy of 2016 College graduates Emma Soren, Daniel Locker and Alexa Fecca, the entirely student-run show enters its sophomore season in the hands of new leadership excited to streamline and expand the enterprise.
09/28/16 4:03pm
This year's new student election results were delayed from their planned Sept. 22 release after accusations were raised of violations of the Fair Practice Code, the regulatory document that governs student elections.
09/28/16 2:24am
In the wake of more than a dozen student deaths, including 10 reported suicides since 2013, the University has drawn criticism for its inconsistent method of announcing student deaths to the University community. 
09/28/16 2:23am
Many Penn students’ Wednesday routine includes a stop at a small, white-tented farmer’s market outside the bookstore.
09/28/16 2:22am
Engineering senior Natalie Melo had never seen anyone in the tech industry who looked like her. That changed when she toured the country meeting high-profile Latina leaders in tech — and star in a documentary series in the process.
09/28/16 2:21am
Alpha Delta Phi president and College junior Adam DeLisle described the society as “distinctly” different from other greek organizations.
09/28/16 2:19am
A noticeable increase in popularity is propelling Venus, Penn’s 35-year-old all-women ultimate Frisbee team, into a new competitive season.
09/27/16 8:57pm
Don't tell the freshmen in the New College House, Kings Court English College House or Stouffer College House, but every year the freshman halls of the Quad are the loudest in bragging about their closeness. Here are this year's five (self-proclaimed) contenders for the closest hall. 
09/27/16 2:41am
Last Thursday, the Board of Trustees announced that Penn will not divest from fossil fuel industries, despite two years of campaigning from Fossil Free Penn.
09/27/16 2:40am
A small group of students and faculty, carrying signs and posters, protested the recent Board of Trustees decision not to divest from the fossil fuel industry.
09/27/16 2:37am
The show follows six Penn Vet students as they experience the joys and challenges that come with their fourth year of vet school.
09/27/16 2:28am
On Sunday, September 25, 2016, the University’s third Penn Spectrum Weekend came to an end.
09/26/16 1:02am
Highs may not get out of the 60's by the end of the week. 
09/26/16 1:01am
Total cases of academic misconduct increased 8.6 percent, from 185 to 201 cases, this year, according to the 2016 Report of the Office of Student Conduct.
09/26/16 12:59am
Friday evening, over 150 students crowded into Harrison College House’s bustling Heyer Sky Lounge for sushi, green tea, pizza and an opportunity to openly discuss pressing issues in their lives and across campus.
09/26/16 12:54am
On certain Wednesdays, a professor gives a 60-second lecture at 11:55 a.m. about his or her research. 
09/26/16 12:53am
“For too many of the students in QCF, this rhetoric is nothing now,” Christian Association campus minister Rev. Megan LeCluyse said. “That does not change the fact that [such messages] are incredibly hurtful.”
09/24/16 8:38pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with Wharton and Engineering junior Chris Painter, who recently founded Penn's Effective Altruism club.
09/24/16 8:08pm
In the UA New Student Representative race, there was a tie for the candidacy between College freshman Michelle Kim and College freshman Max Grove. There will be a runoff election between these two candidates.
09/24/16 9:31am
The Wharton Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Club usually sees four to five startups every year that are ready to look for financial backers.