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Student Life

04/20/16 2:28am
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton cruised to victories in the Empire State, leaving competitors John Kasich, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders with narrow paths to the nomination. 
04/19/16 3:29pm
Participants talked about the definition of privilege, then recognized their own privileges — able-bodiedness, sexual orientation, speaking English and even being a Penn student — before launching into the discussion.
04/19/16 2:09am
Reflecting on Sept. 25, 2000, the fateful day he survived his attempted suicide, he shared his story of recovery and renewed outlook on love and living.
04/19/16 2:06am
At Penn, international students have bared witness, much to their surprise and concern, to what is turning out to be a historic election for American politics.
04/19/16 2:04am
Summer Residential Teaching Assistants straddle the line between parent, friend, peer, educator and Penn ambassador for rising high school seniors participating in one of Wharton’s five highly-selective  pre-college programs.
04/18/16 2:11am
Our reporter shadowed SPEC through the day, witnessing the lead-up to Chance the Rapper.
04/18/16 2:03am
Many students who found themselves within the walls of Penn’s largest library this weekend were tied down because of schoolwork.
04/18/16 1:50am
This past Friday, concert headliner Chance the Rapper almost cancelled his performance due to illness.
04/18/16 1:41am
Spring Fling 2016 has left non-Penn students with a new school to call home and fond memories of campus' biggest party weekend.
04/18/16 1:38am
The search is on for students trying to find subletters for their residences over the summer.
04/18/16 1:37am
Biology professor Arthur Dunham made a comment in his lecture that several students found to be insensitive, especially given the recent death of Wharton junior Ao "Olivia" Kong by suicide.
04/14/16 2:40am
Every year, the Division of Public Safety coordinates with the Vice Provost for University Life and the Medical Emergency Response Team to prepare for Spring Fling to make sure all students are safe.
04/14/16 2:39am
Spring Fling is a defining part of the Penn experience — but for some students, the desire to have a good time can take precedence over concern about possible risks to their health and safety.
04/14/16 2:38am
In searching for summer internships in the United States, international students face a number of barriers that domestic students don't have to worry about.
04/14/16 2:37am
Although each senior is given two taps, the application process is open, allowing anyone — regardless of whether they were tapped or not — to apply.
04/14/16 2:36am
Penn students tickets were reduced from $40 to $25, while other university students with a .edu email can now buy Fling tickets for $40 instead of the original $55.
04/14/16 2:32am
One of the biggest weekends at Penn is in just a matter of days. But, it could either be made or broken by what happens a few thousand feet above our heads.
04/14/16 2:31am
A group of Penn students read anonymously submitted testimonials about struggling with mental health in an hourlong demonstration on College Green entitled “You Are Not Alone: A Demonstration of Support for Mental Health Awareness."
04/13/16 2:30am
The EP, which was released this February, is the second in three years for Elizabeth Goran.
04/13/16 2:26am
News of the suicide raised concerns among prospective as well as current students.