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Student Life

11/03/17 6:17pm
“Palm readings and horoscopes can spark insights too. That doesn’t mean we should talk about them in our work teams," wrote Wharton professor Adam Grant who has repeatedly criticized the use of the MBTI.
11/02/17 8:44pm
“I’m definitely interested in making, in whatever ways I can, the world an easier place for queer people, especially in this current political climate," College sophomore Jess Araten said.
11/02/17 8:34pm
“Some of my students are undocumented, and they deserve better,” said Chemistry professor Zahra Fakhraai, who attended the event. 
11/01/17 11:21pm
“If Donald Trump was black he wouldn’t have made it off the block," said the 2015 recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship. 
11/01/17 10:00pm
Two groups recently applied to be constituent members of APSC, but only one was accepted. 
11/01/17 9:55pm
"It’s really nice to have this extra help and not have to fight such a big crowd [for tutors],” College freshman Lin Chen said. 
11/01/17 9:30pm
“I overheard one girl pull out a deed that read ‘share your study guide’ and right away she said, ‘no way that'll mess up my curve.’ I just thought that was a very Penn moment.”
11/01/17 8:41pm
“In a weird way it was flattering, that they would go to the trouble to hack a student website at Penn,” College sophomore Ethan Woolley said. 
11/01/17 8:07pm
Penn's most recently renovated dorms, Hill and New College House, make use of similar HVAC and hot water systems as other much older residential buildings across campus. 
11/01/17 6:24pm
“I’m really mad about everything I’m seeing in the media and I just thought that it would be a great space to share what I’m feeling,” said College freshman Zoe Osborne. 
10/31/17 9:48pm
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10/31/17 7:01pm
“[T]he school should at least be open about when a certain class will offered, when it will be offered again and how regularly it will be offered," College junior Heidi Lee said. 
10/31/17 11:41am
The group has formed a Financial Literacy club to teach high school students about subjects that range from credit scores and managing budgets to student loans and taxes. 
10/31/17 12:46am
College senior Arjun Malik is one of the founding members of the Philadelphia Bail Fund, which aims to post bail for as many low-income individuals as possible. 
10/30/17 11:45pm
Trump's administration has enforced multiple travel bans that have impacted students from various countries.
10/30/17 9:20pm
"I think people came here looking for answers, and it kind of sounded like rhetorically-driven speech," College sophomore Grace Bridy said. 
10/30/17 8:47pm
The Penn Undergraduate Media and Entertainment Club and the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi are co-organizing Media & Entertainment Week. 
10/30/17 3:16pm
“I’m seeing books as friends again and I’m making time for those friends,”  Wharton junior Michelle Lyu said.
10/29/17 5:27pm
“I tend to think that there’s some value in leaders accepting their own vulnerability. That’s how you form a connection to other people, and maybe that’s how you offer support.”
10/28/17 3:55pm
The issue for this semester is focused on monsters, so articles will examine different types of insects, Komodo dragons and Greek mythology.