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Student Life

01/30/23 9:23pm
Residents on every floor of Kings Court — one of the two buildings in the first-year college house — told The Daily Pennsylvanian that they have seen more mice in their rooms and in the hallways.
01/29/23 11:09pm
Stouffer College House is currently under construction, and the Woodland Walk entrance next to the Quad has been blocked off.
01/26/23 9:34pm
Penn's Office of Student Affairs notified WQHS members earlier this week that they would temporarily lose their space. Since then, over 400 people have signed a petition created by the station asking for support. 
01/26/23 8:32pm
The a capella group removed auditions during the fall semester as a requirement to join, meaning that all singers, from beginners to competitive vocalists, are able to join.
01/25/23 8:37pm
The restoration will include new HVAC systems, upgraded windows and roofing, all-gender restrooms, updates to office suites and classrooms, and new elevators.
01/24/23 9:42pm
The analysis found that Penn has only 24 days off this academic year out of all weekdays, reading days, and exam days in the school year.
01/23/23 11:03pm
Ryan Torres has previously walked from Locust Walk to New York City and cycled across America.
01/23/23 10:59pm
Student groups plan Lunar New Year festivities, with hopes for the University to initiate celebrations on its own. 
01/23/23 9:33pm
The 25 selected ASPIRE scholars will receive interactive educational sessions, on-site exposure, and mentorship opportunities.
01/22/23 10:11pm
The organization’s mission is to reduce the boundaries that minorities face to entering the financial services and business industries. 
01/22/23 10:10pm
Changes include smoothies at breakfast, all-day breakfast sandwiches at Gourmet Grocer, more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and more made-to-order pasta. 
01/19/23 9:26pm
The festivities will take place from 3 to 5 p.m. and will include activities such as open bouldering on the rock wall, bench press and free throw competitions, and a spin class.
01/18/23 9:47pm
Representatives from College Republicans, Penn Young Democratic Socialists of America, and Penn Dems hope to focus on the Philadelphia mayoral race and increasing engagement within the Penn community.
01/18/23 9:37pm
ChatGPT, which was developed by OpenAI, can complete tasks like writing essays or code and solving math problems.
01/18/23 8:56pm
DiversaTech consultants focus on utilizing technology in a wide variety of fields.  
01/18/23 8:27pm
In the fall, PAACH director of 10 years Peter Van Do suddenly departed from his position.
01/17/23 9:40pm
SPOC is working to mobilize college students in the Philadelphia area against the plans for a new 76ers arena in Chinatown.
01/17/23 9:36pm
The new COVID-19-related policy has impacted international students at Penn and their plans to return home over winter break.
01/16/23 10:52pm
The forum, which was held in Irvine Auditorium, featured nine easels with large notepads where attendees were encouraged to answer questions from Penn President Liz Magill.
01/10/23 10:06pm
The flooding principally affected the eighth and ninth floors in Harnwell and the 11th and 12th floors in Harrison.