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Student Life

12/08/17 2:28pm
Fire alarms have sounded an estimated 15 times this semester in Hill, which "appear to stem from oversensitivity of sensors," administrators wrote in an email to residents on Dec. 7.
12/07/17 11:57pm
The project comes a month after Penn announced plans on Nov. 2 to spend a record-breaking $163 million on a new dormitory located on the high rise field. 
12/07/17 11:49pm
Hatch & Coop has replaced Jake's Sandwich Board, which operated under the same owner. It specializes in chicken sandwiches and salads.
12/06/17 9:32pm
At least 64 students are currently displaced as a result of the leasing company University Realty postponing their move-in date six times this semester.
12/06/17 9:31pm
College freshman Cassandra Jobman, who is a member of Penn First and the QuestBridge program, was not informed of Penn's extended meal options over Thanksgiving break. 
12/06/17 6:17pm
Philadelphia sued Attorney General Jeff Sessions after the Department of Justice withheld $1.5 million in federal grant money over Philadelphia’s “sanctuary city” policies. 
12/06/17 5:52pm
"I rebuffed him, but he continued to press his case and tried to touch me," Penner told The Stanford Daily. "I continued to say no and asked him to leave."
12/06/17 11:48am
Before, students could receive up to $72,584 in financial aid, whether they lived off campus or on campus. Now, those who live off campus can only receive up to $70,275 in financial aid — almost $2,500 less.
12/06/17 1:53am
This semester, Penn Federalist Society hosted Heather Mac Donald, a vocal critic of the Black Lives Matter movement, and Penn Law professor Amy Wax, who wrote that Anglo-Protestant cultural norms are superior to others.
12/05/17 9:11pm
Lambda Alpha Theta Latin Sorority, Inc. hosted "La Luna Ball: A Night Under the Stars" — its third annual banquet for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
12/04/17 7:54pm
On Nov. 17, a woman affiliated with Penn reported that someone had used her credit card without permission in Rodin College House.  
12/03/17 9:05pm
While the Panhellenic Council recently elected a successor to its first-ever vice president of diversity, the IFC has yet to introduce a diversity chair to its executive committee. 
12/03/17 8:48pm
For the first four months of school, the total of registered events increased by 65 percent, from 127 last year to 194 this year.
12/03/17 7:28pm
“Penn is a very academically-caustic environment,” College student Luis Estevez said. “Everyone here is trying to be perfect in ways that aren’t possible.” 
12/03/17 7:13pm
The group's second event of the semester follows Penn Women SPEAK's first dialogue on sexual harassment on campus and nationally.
12/03/17 6:48pm
“We try to be very up front about these things. Before we get even asked a question on tours, we outwardly mention mental health resources that are available on campus.”
12/03/17 6:34pm
On Dec. 2, the Senate passed a version of the Republican tax reform bill, marking what pundits say is the first major legislative victory of Wharton graduate Donald Trump’s presidency.
12/03/17 3:10pm
College sophomore Aleksei Kuryla said he was skeptical that removing smoker poles on campus would effectively reduce smoking among students. 
12/02/17 3:02pm
For the 2018 academic year, the Recreation Fee was eliminated and included under the General Fee category for the first time.
11/30/17 11:35pm
Penn's chapter of Unsung Heroes was founded this fall with the goal of connecting students with campus workers.