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Student Life

05/15/15 2:16pm
A look at what was trending during the Class of 2015's freshman year.
05/01/15 9:19pm
Penn Law professor Polk Wagner, who specializes in intellectual property and patent law, spoke out about the implications of her applications for lyric trademarks.
04/30/15 12:14am
Last spring, College freshman Kathryn Dewitt was facing her own crisis amidst a semester marked by two student suicides in three weeks.
04/29/15 10:51pm
Some Penn students will return in the Fall with real-world experience and empty pockets.
04/29/15 10:46pm
Penn Dining’s Meal Swipe Conversion Policy has some students questioning the value of a dining plan.
04/29/15 10:32pm
Cultural centers at Penn aim to provide safe spaces for minority students. While many participate, others find them socially limiting. 
04/29/15 10:13pm
Somewhere around a third of underage people in the city of Philadelphia are carrying around a fake ID, according to an article on Billy Penn.
04/28/15 11:29pm
In a 2014 Senior Survey, 44 percent of respondents indicated that they were “very dissatisfied” or “generally dissatisfied” with pre-major advising.
04/28/15 10:36pm
PennMOVES has partnered with two additional charities for students to donate their belongings to at the end of the semester.
04/28/15 1:27am
Many African and African-American students at Penn believe that the black community is unified because of a shared experience of living as a black person in America — not because black people constitute a homogenized group with assumed similarities beyond the color of their skin.
04/28/15 12:04am
Newly elected Nominations and Elections Committee Chair, Wharton junior Michael Robert, hopes to reach out to new communities.
04/27/15 10:26pm
The Social Planning and Events Committee announced the cancelation following the escalation of riots in Baltimore. 
04/27/15 9:08pm
After an alleged hate crime during Fling involving death threats and racial slurs, several students have opened an investigation with Special Services at the Division of Public Safety.
04/27/15 12:12am
The UPenn-Botswana Partnership is expanding its telemedicine capabilities through a new joint project with Microsoft and other partners.
04/26/15 11:59pm
Penn Dining says union labor drives up the costs, economics researchers think it might be the effect of having a monopoly or a tool to price out upperclassmen.
04/26/15 11:58pm
With a number of cities across the country implementing bike share programs, Philadelphia is following suit.
04/24/15 3:43pm
A member of the group stood on a box with plastic chains around her neck, reciting a poem directed at the members of the fraternity, calling them out for their choice to feature a black blow-up sex doll in their holiday photo last December. 
04/24/15 12:00pm
Private universities such as Yale and Cornell have, in recent months, attempted unionization drives — but this doesn't seem to be the case at Penn.
04/24/15 10:00am
When the anonymous polling app WhatsGoodly came to campus it caused controversy for claims of cyberbullying.
04/23/15 1:20am
Bon Appetit, which operates all of Penn Dining's facilities except those in Huntsman Hall, has many protocols in place to ensure food safety at Penn.