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Student Life

03/04/15 1:04am
You may have seen Andrew Gegios running UA meetings, deliberating school issues with administrators at University Council meetings, chatting with friends in Arabic, or hanging out at the Sigma Nu chapter house.
03/04/15 12:55am
Not all Wharton undergraduate alumni come back to campus just for homecoming weekend. Some return for two more years to earn three more letters: MBA.
03/03/15 1:25am
Throughout February, the UA held its annual budget meetings in order to delegate nearly $2,275,000 to fund student groups on campus in a relatively smooth and speedy process.
03/03/15 12:46am
Out of the 44 applicants for Wharton Passion Projects this semester, seven fellows were chosen.
03/02/15 12:37pm
Until "Pitch Perfect 2" comes out, there's another a cappella group to keep Penn entertained. 
03/02/15 1:52am
Alcohol is everywhere. Fraternities store enough of it to serve hundreds per night. It is sold illegally to minors, exchanged in dorm rooms and was even served at the Penn Museum during one recent exhibit. It may even be in a classroom nearby.
03/02/15 1:47am
Seated in his pale blue scrubs with a Wharton cap covering his dirty blond hair, Benjamin Lewis looks low-key at first glance. 
03/02/15 1:44am
Dartmouth College is the first school to turn the social movement into a class this spring.
02/26/15 2:00am
Alum Time is a new show produced by a team of Penn students, with each episode featuring a Penn alumnus who shares advice with current students.
02/26/15 1:57am
Varsity athletes make up about 10 percent of the enrolled undergraduate population, but many students aren’t aware of just how demanding the typical student-athlete schedule is.
02/26/15 1:49am
Members of Students Organizing for Unity and Liberation, the Student Labor Action Project and the Race Dialogue Project also attended.
02/25/15 1:28am
Receiving emails from Canvas for note takers is nothing unusual for Penn students. For some, sign language translators at lectures are not so surprising either.
02/25/15 1:27am
"A Comedy of Terrors" centers on the efforts of two brothers who try to win over more viewers for their paranormal investigation TV show against a rival show.
02/24/15 1:34am
In the past few weeks, many girls have walked into their dorm rooms to be greeted by colorful posters, warm Wishbone chicken wings and cookies lying on their beds.
02/23/15 2:36am
With a recently released report on Penn’s mental health resources, the friends and family of Madison Holleran reflect on the University’s efforts to improve psychological support since her death last year.
02/23/15 2:35am
Alexsandra Bilotti, a Penn junior, died early Saturday morning of Ewing's Carcoma. She turned 22 years old last Wednesday.
02/23/15 2:34am
Students who don’t know where to turn now have a central option for mental health help: 215-898-HELP.
02/23/15 2:29am
Students Organizing for Unity and Liberation held a Student Debt Demonstration this past Friday to protest Penn’s no loan policy.
02/22/15 12:00pm
How do Penn's alcohol policies stack up to the rest of the Ivy League?
02/21/15 2:00pm
Penn plans to expand the program so any student can go by a preferred name.