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Student Life

11/09/15 12:31am
Penn’s It’s On Us: Week of Action is a effort that is co-sponsored by Penn Dems, Lambda Alliance, Penn Association for Gender Equity, and Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault. 
11/09/15 12:21am
Penn’s Board of Trustees met for their fall meetings last Thursday and Friday.
11/09/15 12:10am
In the Charles Addams Fine Arts Hall, students spend four and a half hours in studio twice a week working on design projects and receiving feedback on their work.
11/08/15 10:08pm
At 2 p.m. on Oct. 5, College freshman Natalie Breuel felt forced to choose between her education and her safety. 
11/05/15 12:50am
In past years, the Sweeten Alumni House has focused on expanding homecoming attractions beyond traditional events to encourage alumni to return to campus.
11/05/15 12:10am
This weekend marks the seventh year of new events, including more artistic and cultural offerings.
11/03/15 11:41pm
The program, previously just offered to freshmen, may become mandatory if not enough students complete it before the spring semester.
11/03/15 11:39pm
College junior Jeremy Cohen will lead the Student Activities Council until next October
11/03/15 11:27pm
While Penn students attempt to follow the paths of tech giants like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs by taking time off from school to work on their tech startups, the ultimate decision of whether to return to classes or forgo the degree isn't an easy one.
11/03/15 11:21pm
Of all the college houses, the change will have a particularly strong impact on Gregory and DuBois. 
11/03/15 10:19pm
Penn for Jeb, a political group backing Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, is still in the process of getting the word out via their Facebook page. 
11/02/15 11:10pm
Religious groups and buildings are finding ways to save energy that are best suited to their unique situations.
11/02/15 9:30pm
For most students, midterm season is stressful enough as is. Religious Jewish and Muslim students, however, face an additional stress factor on an annual basis with the possibility of midterms being scheduled on the same day as a religious holiday.
11/02/15 12:43am
The new app Pinser will keep you from ever missing another event nearby.
11/02/15 12:43am
Brown's YouTube channel has reached 140,000 followers in less than two years.
11/02/15 12:21am
The demonstration is a continuation of Students Organizing for Unity and Liberation's Ferguson Fridays series.
11/02/15 12:05am
Last Saturday, Philadelphia’s Locust Moon Comics hosted its fourth annual Locust Moon Comics Festival. The day-long event is Philadelphia’s premiere celebration of comics, illustration and graphic arts.
11/02/15 12:04am
The Starbucks under 1920 Commons recently reduced its hours to close at midnight from 2 a.m.
11/01/15 12:00pm
In recent years, companies have begun targeting freshmen and sophomores, particularly those who identify as minorities
10/31/15 2:00pm
An overflowing toilet on the floor above the lounge was the source of the water dripping through the ceiling.