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Student Life

09/01/15 12:39am
While some are capitalizing on high housing rates for visitors, others are opening their doors freely and still others are restricted in having guests that weekend. 
09/01/15 12:08am
Sayid Abdullaev is one of thirty applicants shortlisted to travel into space.
08/30/15 11:27pm
PennApps, the largest collegiate hackathon in the country, will take place next weekend.
08/30/15 10:34pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian caught up with a few organizations on campus to share their missions and recruitment strategies.
08/30/15 10:25pm
Randal Olson, a postdoctoral researcher in the Medical School, does not believe the data is valid or that it is ethical to draw conclusions from the Ashley Madison data.
08/30/15 10:15pm

Smaller college houses boast vibrant communities

For the roughly 500 students living in Gregory and Stouffer College Houses, the dorms serve as the epicenter of their Penn experiences.
08/30/15 8:48pm
Pope Francis’ two-day visit during the last weekend of September is expected to attract over a million people to the city.
08/30/15 1:00pm
Abroad reporter Jessica McDowell describes Penn students' experiences waiting for their sessions to begin.
08/30/15 10:00am
Penn Dining is using the hashtag to receive student feedback.
08/29/15 11:00am
On certain Wednesday nights, the Museum will also host P.M. @ the Penn Museum: School Nights
08/28/15 11:53am
Since FroGro sits on Penn-owned property, the University had to approve the store's right to sell alcohol under their contract.
08/26/15 9:58pm
Two couples share their stories of summer romance.
08/25/15 11:36pm
The political debates may be in full swing, but the presidential candidates aren’t the only ones who have their eyes on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Take a look at Penn’s summer 2015 White House interns
08/25/15 11:16pm
Penn is the most LGBTQ-friendly Ivy, according to Campus Pride, an organization that tracks university acceptance of the LGBTQ community.
08/25/15 11:02pm
The startup allows students to buy and sell anything from textbooks and dorm supplies to tutoring services.
08/25/15 10:53pm
New students said they were caught off guard by the extent of the partying and the accessibility of alcohol on campus.
08/25/15 2:58pm
After a two-year battle with the Penn administration and national fraternity, Penn’s chapter of Pi Kappa Phi had its charter revoked over the summer.
08/20/15 2:37am
The defunct policy largely applied to groups of four residents living in three bedroom apartments in the high rises. 
08/20/15 2:21am
As Penn’s political community gears up for another year, these are the prominent and/or up-and-coming organized candidate support groups on campus.
08/20/15 2:20am
With all the study spots available on Penn’s campus, it can be overwhelming for students to choose where to hit the books. Here are some of the staple locations on campus.