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Student Life

02/22/16 12:57am
Contrary to the rumor that has circulated around college campuses for decades, the “brothel law” is not the reason why sororities at other universities are forbidden from providing housing for their members.
02/22/16 12:49am
In response to the lack of females in the industry, FemmeHacks was started at Drexel University by Engineering sophomore Andrea Baric, who transferred to Penn from Drexel last fall.  
02/22/16 12:43am
Penn students registering for preceptorials this semester may have been surprised to notice some new offerings.
02/22/16 12:42am
Student reactions to Caitlyn Jenner’s Wednesday evening appearance are mixed, although those within the LGBT community tended to be more critical of Jenner’s comments.
02/21/16 11:52pm
This semester, mental  health-focused student organization Active Minds will be publishing the first print issue of its literary magazine, Penntal Health.
02/21/16 11:30pm
They say that college is a formative four years. It is the in-between nestled after childhood but before adulthood.
02/21/16 11:24pm
First envisioned in the late ’90s, New College House, is starting to take form in time for its grand opening next fall.
02/21/16 6:00am
This spring break, some students will lounge on a beach, while others will build a house.
02/19/16 2:50am
Penn for Hillary is a student organization devoted to building support for Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign at Penn and throughout Philadelphia.
02/18/16 1:02am
While she doesn’t see herself as a spokesperson, Caitlyn Jenner is committed to the fight, she said at a SPEC event Wednesday.
02/18/16 12:49am
Is it getting healthier for us to watch television? A research team at the Annenberg Public Policy Center has launched an ambitious study to find out.
02/18/16 12:09am
The new startup is offering workout sessions with a certified personal trainer at any location of your choice.
02/18/16 12:08am
Every student at Penn has probably shared a hall or a building with a professor or two during their time in college.
02/18/16 12:07am
A post-apocalyptic future, diverse characters and a refreshing lack of love triangles are all elements that make up "The Deadly Nightshade," a newly published novel by College sophomore Sara Albert who wrote under the pseudonym Justine Ashford.
02/17/16 11:46pm
Wednesday night, the Penn United Minorities Council hosted a discussion about how the current political candidates are addressing minority issues.
02/17/16 2:38am
One year ago today, Penn released the final report of the Task Force on Student Psychological Health and Welfare.
02/17/16 2:33am
For those students who are still looking for summer opportunities, the University offers a variety of grants and internships in areas ranging from research to community service.
02/17/16 12:54am
A particular concern of is reaching freshman, who are adjusting to the college environment and may be learning how to practice safe sexual habits
02/17/16 12:41am
UA legal services has helped with issues ranging from assault and harassment to landlord problems and traffic violations.
02/17/16 12:35am
Many students look to Greek life as a way to find a family of brothers and/or sisters during their college journey.