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Sports Features

04/25/16 11:33pm
As Penn baseball coach John Yurkow was faced with the prospect of life without former co-Ivy League Player of the Year Austin Bossart following the 2015 season, he didn’t have to look all that far from home.
04/25/16 11:32pm
If there were any questions about the Quakers’ production from behind the plate, consider junior catcher Tim Graul the answer.
04/25/16 11:32pm
There’s definitely something in the water when it comes to Penn baseball catchers.
04/25/16 11:31pm
At the Olympics this summer in Rio, there will be a sport making its long-awaited return. Last played at the Olympics in 1924, the return of men’s and women’s rugby sevens to the world games will bring a sport that most Americans know little about into popular view.
04/21/16 12:29am
A four-year rower in the Varsity 8, a two-time CRCA National Scholar Athlete, a two-time first-team CRCA All-Region and a Rhodes Scholar all sit in the same boat.
04/21/16 12:25am
The expansion and widespread success of club sports across the country has had a tremendous effect on college students over the last decade.
04/21/16 12:24am
Mother nature has not shone brightly on Penn track and field this season. The Quakers have been forced to embrace the elements at the vast majority of their meets. This weekend should be no different.
04/19/16 11:47pm
The first time that Penn softball coach Leslie King stepped onto a softball diamond, she broke her nose. A freshman in high school at the time, King fell victim to an untimely groundball that flew up into her face rather then nestling into her mitt. “I had never played before,” she explained.
04/19/16 11:46pm
Penn Athletics has a variety of varsity sports teams, but it also hosts a wealth of club sports. These club teams can even be surprisingly successful — the men’s club basketball team, for instance, had a record-breaking year. But for the best club athletes, just how easy is it — and how often does it occur — to move up to the varsity level? The latter question is easier to answer.
04/19/16 1:37am
While they may have been non-entities last year, sophomore right-handed pitcher Billy Lescher and junior southpaw Gabe Kleiman have become indispensable members of Penn baseball’s pitching staff this season.
04/18/16 10:47pm
All of Penn’s student body knows that “finals season” is approaching. But for a select subset of the school, the phrase is a bit of a double entendre.
04/18/16 10:45pm
Last Monday, Princeton announced that it was discontinuing its long-beleaguered sprint football team, effective immediately.
04/14/16 10:42am
Second-year high jumper Mike Monroe is enjoying a sophomore surge in anticipation of the big name meets coming up. 
04/12/16 10:40pm
When they first set foot in University City, many freshmen athletes learn to keep their heads down and work hard in the hopes of receiving just a smidge of playing time by the time they are an upperclassmen.
04/12/16 10:40pm
It takes a lot to be a Penn athlete. It takes even more to be a successful Penn athlete. And it’s damn near impossible to excel in the world of professional sports.
04/12/16 10:40pm
On the heels of one of the best all-around seasons in Penn squash history, the Quakers are doing everything they can to maintain their success from 2015-16.
04/12/16 12:28am
To completely change the culture of any group, the first step is to start from within. And for a Penn Athletics brand looking to re-ignite its formerly passionate fan base, the road to recovery is underway.
04/07/16 1:49am
You are what you eat. And for Penn’s varsity athletes, nothing could be more important than what they put in their bodies.
04/06/16 10:40pm
To make it to the top of any industry, you have to be willing to think outside the box. Fortunately for Penn Athletics, Jim Steel has taken the message. Behind the efforts of the 12th-year Strength and Conditioning Manager, Penn varsity teams have strayed from the status quo in the weight room, adopting an unconventional method to raise themselves to the next level: Muay Thai kickboxing. “I’ve just found that it’s so good for hand-eye coordination, for conditioning it’s unbelievable, and it improves people’s athleticism,” Steel said.
04/06/16 10:40pm
Not many Penn athletes can say they spent time in the pros before putting on the red and blue for the Quakers.