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Sports Columns

03/21/16 12:55am
It was a strange moment. As I walked into the press room at the University of Maryland, I came across a fellow reporter quickly putting on his tie and grabbing his belongings to head down to press row. “The tip was moved up to 3:43.” Now, a full day removed from the game and that moment it’s strange to look back.
03/09/16 5:14pm
Penn women’s basketball clinched its second Ivy title in three years with its win over Princeton Tuesday night. And the ride isn’t over yet.
02/29/16 10:33pm
The more things change, the more they stay the same. This was supposed to be the year in which Penn women’s basketball broke what has become the standard in the Ivy League.
02/16/16 1:41am
Over the weekend, students from across the Ivy League gathered on Penn’s campus to participate in panel discussions and workshops as part of the Unmasking the Ivy League Conference.
02/15/16 10:03am
Penn isn’t going to win the Ivy title. It was fairly apparent from before the season even started, and halfway through the Ivy slate it’s even more apparent.
02/09/16 12:17am
When I, a freshman associate sports editor, was asked to pack my bags and travel to New Hampshire to cover the presidential primary, I was taken aback.
02/02/16 12:23am
Penn basketball was handed 23- and 6-point losses by Yale and Brown this weekend. And I was still excited by what I saw.
01/27/16 1:59am
Vince Lombardi once said, “Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.” But I have to disagree with the football legend on this one — at least in the context of Penn basketball. On Tuesday night, Penn women’s basketball lost to Villanova, 66-46, in what undoubtedly was its worst performance of an otherwise stellar season.
01/26/16 1:43am
"Don't mistake activity for achievement." There are quite a few John Wooden-isms that I have come across throughout my life, but few have spoken to me quite as loudly as that one.
01/26/16 1:42am
For me, it’s a no-brainer. The Ivy League needs a conference tournament for basketball. When you look at Ivy Athletics as a whole, there’s something left to be desired for those students who are fans of NCAA athletics as a whole.
01/21/16 2:29am
On Wednesday night, Penn men’s basketball was beaten by a much better team. The Red and Blue were routed by Saint Joseph’s, a well-oiled juggernaut of a squad that sits as the nation’s 30th-best team by RPI.
12/08/15 6:34am
Their names might not be in the paper or in the record books, but their contributions to this school are no less mighty.
12/08/15 6:34am
A dialogue about football’s future is brewing as we speak. Why shouldn’t the Ivy League take a part in leading that discussion?
12/08/15 12:26am
Not only am I from the Lone Star State, but I may have a slight obsession with the place I call home.
12/08/15 12:26am
Philadelphia is known for a lot of things.
12/08/15 12:25am
For all of their accomplishments this year, and they were many – earning a share of the Ivy title, finishing the season on a six-game winning streak, garnering 11 All-Ivy award winners – Penn football was not the most successful team on campus this year. Not even close.
12/08/15 12:25am
When it comes to men's basketball, the Ivy League is unique, but it looks like that's about to change. And it's about time.
12/08/15 12:25am
When I went home for Thanksgiving break a few weeks ago, I engaged in all of the holiday-season small-talk with family that one might expect. Yes, I was enjoying life at school.
11/24/15 3:13am
When Penn football marched on to the field in Bethlehem Pennsylvania on Sept. 19th, it did not resemble Ray Priore’s team that was crowned Ivy League champions on Saturday.
11/22/15 3:06am
Saturday's game at Franklin Field was not a competition. It wasn't even a celebration. It was a coronation.