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Sports Columns

11/01/16 11:55pm
I set out to write this column about nutrition. As you’ll soon read, that’s not what happened. The idea came to me last Monday after morning practice when coach Mike Schnur gathered the men’s and women’s swim teams for a meeting.
11/01/16 12:23am
I have never won anything in my entire life. Let’s back up a second. First, some background: This loser is a back up quarterback for Penn sprint football.
10/30/16 10:49pm
It's easy to feel like Penn football is an obvious favorite to beat Princeton this Saturday and (eventually) win another Ivy League title. It's hard to argue with ten straight Ivy wins (which I'm about to do).
10/24/16 11:18pm
All that matters is going one game at a time. Interview a coach or player from any sports team and you’ll hear words like these. Who’s going to admit that his team can completely overlook the team it’s about to face? That the next game isn’t as emotionally significant as matchups later on might be?
10/18/16 9:32pm
The farewell tour. The victory lap. The last hurrah. Whatever you call it, there’s no avoiding the inevitability of retirement in athletics.
10/17/16 9:41pm
In their first Ivy League game of the year, Penn football took on Dartmouth, a team that shared the conference title with the Quakers in 2015.
10/12/16 9:54pm
The most interesting thing about this weekend’s Penn-Columbia football game is going to be the memories.
10/12/16 1:20am
David Pottruck is often described as legendary. While an undergraduate in the Wharton school in the late 1960's, Pottruck played football and wrestled, earning MVP honors in both sports during his senior seasons and being named captain of the wrestling team in 1970.
10/10/16 11:29pm
Penn football looks good right now. After the Quakers started off 0-2, the Dartmouth game was over before halftime, and Central Connecticut State proved to be the non-conference softie we suspected they might be. There are just six Ivy games left in the season, and it’s hard to imagine feeling as though the Quakers could realistically be in a much better spot than they current are.
10/10/16 11:29pm
When you see the word “leader”, what comes to mind? Perhaps it is a historical figure, maybe it is an innovator in the tech industry.
10/04/16 10:40pm
I have an admission of guilt. I’ve now lived in Philadelphia for three and a half years, and I have never seen Rocky. Let me be more specific about my Rocky ignorance.
10/03/16 10:54pm
The preseason hype surrounding Penn football was unreal – 13 returning starters from a championship team will do that.
10/02/16 11:52pm
Forget the first two games of the season. Penn football plays higher-caliber teams at the beginning of every year.
09/28/16 12:34am
Will Snow, Sports Editor: The best team headed into Ivy play has to be women's soccer.
09/28/16 12:34am
Beware the comments section. It’s a nasty, nasty place where productive discussions turn vile, where attacks are not based on arguments but the people who produce them. Four years of publishing articles and I’ve only had one foray into the pseudo-cyber bullying the comments section breeds.
09/26/16 10:40pm
Ever since I started playing sports, almost every coach I’ve had has talked about resilience as if it was their big secret. 
09/26/16 10:39pm
With the Ivy League ban on postseason play, Penn football’s non-conference matchups aren’t the team’s top priority.
09/20/16 11:54pm
Being a student-athlete is hard. Plain and simple. And when it comes to mental health, student-athletes are not necessarily more at risk than their peers.
09/20/16 2:10am
You know how some days just suck? You oversleep your alarm. You’re late to your 9 AM lecture.
09/19/16 12:23am
On Saturday evening, Penn football showed that they are a good Ivy League team, just not a great FCS team.