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Sports Columns

12/12/16 8:14pm
Sometimes, there are just no words. Summing up the experiences of sprint football’s championship season is not a feasible task, but these past few months were so magical, so unprecedented, so perfect, that I owe it to my squad to try. First off, the hunger this team had was unlike anything I’d ever seen before.
12/08/16 12:16am
It’s hard to talk about such an incendiary issue, but I thought it was about time to break the silence. Teams across the Ivy League have been finding themselves in trouble for a month now in what has become a trend of racist, sexist, xenophobic (sound familiar?) GroupMe’s and Google Docs.
12/06/16 10:38pm
Last Wednesday night, I stood crammed in the aisle of a coach bus carrying 50-some members of the swim team nine hours across the state to an invitational meet at Kenyon College. Around hour six, my teammate Ellie Grimes started asking the people sitting around her what one thing they wanted to do before graduating college.
12/04/16 9:16pm
There's something about Penn-Temple basketball. No matter how good or bad the teams are, you can always count on it being just about the best non-conference game featuring the Quakers all year.
11/30/16 12:04am
Tuesday night was a success for Penn basketball. I say that, as one might imagine, for reasons that have nothing to do with what happened on the court.
11/29/16 12:35am
As my football life has progressed and my knowledge of football has grown, Brett Favre’s story has been one I’ve come to identify with.
11/28/16 11:29pm
Back in my freshman year (which indeed calls for the past tense, I swear), Penn basketball hosted Villanova at the Palestra.
11/21/16 11:28pm
In with a win, out with a win. Penn football’s senior finished things off the way they came in, winning their final game against Cornell the same way they took down Lafayette to open the 2013 season.
11/19/16 6:54pm
Two years ago, no one saw this coming. When Penn football staggered to a 2-8 finish in Al Bagnoli’s final season, there were few reasons for optimism.
11/15/16 9:50pm
The last game of the Penn men’s soccer season was supposed to take place on Nov. 12 against Harvard.
11/14/16 11:49pm
This has been a tough week for everyone. Laden with disappointment, grief, and shock, I am in just as much disbelief as all of the other folks out there today.
11/13/16 11:05pm
In the movie business, sequels rarely hold up to the original. It’s tough enough to make one good movie, and even more difficult to make another one with the same cast of characters. After entering the 2015 season ranked sixth in the Ivy League preseason media poll and dropping three of its first four games, Penn football won six straight to share the Ancient Eight title with Harvard and Dartmouth.
11/13/16 11:04pm
DURHAM, N.C. — Throwing them right into the fire. It’s an interesting strategy. It’s also been a hallmark of Penn women’s basketball coach Mike McLaughlin’s tenure.
11/08/16 12:21am
Tonight, the most important — and divisive — election of our lives is finally coming to close. Politics has dominated conversation and the news for months, and yet, sports have never been a more important part of my life.
11/08/16 12:21am
Penn football’s loss to Princeton on Saturday was, for lack of a better, less-ironic word, sobering.
11/08/16 12:21am
Wednesday was the one of the worst days of my life. I got up early, made the six-hour drive from Philly to Cleveland, took the train downtown with some friends and went to a baseball game. A lifelong Indians fan, the chance to go to game seven of a World Series was absolutely surreal.
11/01/16 11:56pm
I didn’t think there were many more ways Penn could work to stifle any hope of creating a sports culture at this University.
11/01/16 11:55pm
I set out to write this column about nutrition. As you’ll soon read, that’s not what happened. The idea came to me last Monday after morning practice when coach Mike Schnur gathered the men’s and women’s swim teams for a meeting.
11/01/16 12:23am
I have never won anything in my entire life. Let’s back up a second. First, some background: This loser is a back up quarterback for Penn sprint football.
10/30/16 10:49pm
It's easy to feel like Penn football is an obvious favorite to beat Princeton this Saturday and (eventually) win another Ivy League title. It's hard to argue with ten straight Ivy wins (which I'm about to do).