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02/05/15 12:42am
His outspoken positions in favor of LGBT equality and marijuana decriminalization have made him some early allies in the race.
02/04/15 11:01pm
In 2014, only one University-affiliated person was arrested for a crime involving any type of unspecified narcotic.
02/04/15 1:18am
According to the 2014 campaign finance report released on Monday, several Penn administrators have donated to Democratic candidates seeking election in the city primary this spring.
02/02/15 11:36pm
On Saturday, the Philadelphia’s mayor’s race will formally welcome its newest candidate.
02/02/15 1:12am
With an empty seat on City Council,, at least one new at-large Council member will have to be elected this year.
02/01/15 11:53pm
A new bill proposed by Representative Kevin Schreiber of York County will attempt to push same-day voter registration through the Pennsylvania state legislature.
02/01/15 11:37pm
SAM SHERMAN is a College junior from Marblehead, Mass. His email is
01/31/15 9:39am

SLAP hosts photo campaign to encourage Penn to pay PILOTs

Messages included phrases like “do it for the kids” and “It’s in Penn’s Capacity."
01/29/15 9:36pm
The longtime councilman’s resignation marks the last step before Kenney officially enters the 2015 mayoral race.
01/29/15 1:04am
State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams’s support for charter schools has made him some unusual allies.
01/28/15 12:56am
Philadelphia's public schools face an $81 million budget deficit.
01/22/15 3:26am
Pennsylvania is part of a minority of states that does not have a minimum wage over the federal standard.
01/22/15 1:51am
Trujillo’s exit comes as a surprise to observers who saw the political outsider as a wild-card candidate.
01/22/15 1:50am
College senior and community college transfer Emanuel Martinez weighs in on the new proposal. 
01/21/15 3:15am
Obama proposed free community college, increased cybersecurity and bipartisanship.
01/20/15 1:43am
Roughly 7,000 people, including students from Penn, marched through Philadelphia yesterday as a part of #ReclaimMLK Day
01/20/15 1:00am
Pedro Rivera is a Philadelphia native and former teacher and principal in the School District of Philadelphia. 
01/20/15 12:33am
The Supreme Court will hear an appeal to the 6th circuit’s decision to uphold gay marriage bans.
01/17/15 11:00am
Philadelphia will face a range of pressing issues in 2015, and a new mayor will be at the forefront of it all. 
01/15/15 2:15am
Of the legion of Penn benefactors and gift givers, no two may be more infamous than David and Charles Koch. The famous industrialist siblings contributed more than $12.7 million to 163 colleges and universities in 2012.