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09/20/15 12:00pm
Penn's college houses have created a unique forum for residential civic engagement.
09/17/15 1:25am
Say hello to Penn for Trump, the latest pro-candidate group to establish itself on campus.
09/13/15 4:00pm
Since the 2012 presidential election, Penn's political group offerings have flourished.
09/13/15 2:00pm
Though the administration has been silent about Penn's history with 1968 Wharton grad Donald Trump, the DP compiled a timeline of his relationship with the school.
09/09/15 11:52pm
Through the Campaign for Community and Open Expression Monitors, Penn is trying to create a safe space where we can have productive discussions about issues as complex and controversial as police brutality and racial discrimination. Now it’s up to us to take advantage of that space.
09/04/15 3:03pm
Many factors contribute to a culture where women feel discouraged from participating in campus politics at a higher level.
09/01/15 12:01am
Kermit Roosevelt writes fiction to expose legal perspectives to an audience beyond those who read law reviews.
08/25/15 11:36pm
The political debates may be in full swing, but the presidential candidates aren’t the only ones who have their eyes on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Take a look at Penn’s summer 2015 White House interns
08/25/15 12:00pm
A petition entitled "Save the Drexel Food Trucks!" has received over 2,850 signatures to date. 
08/20/15 2:21am
As Penn’s political community gears up for another year, these are the prominent and/or up-and-coming organized candidate support groups on campus.
08/19/15 7:52pm
Trump's classmates remember him as "low-key" and "self-effacing," if at all.
07/23/15 5:15am
Although the feat has never been achieved, Andrew Stober has an optimistic view of his chances of winning an at-large seat as an independent in the Nov, 3 general elections.
07/22/15 5:30am
Although Commonwealth appropriations for Penn are at stake, the University isn’t immediately affected by the current budget impasse.
07/16/15 5:00am
Donald Trump’s rapid advancement in national polls has pundits and voters wondering whether the business magnate’s campaign for president can galvanize Republican voters, or whether his short-term burst of popularity will fade. In a USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll released on Tuesday, Trump, 69, led the crowded pack of Republican candidates for president with support from 17 percent of those surveyed.
07/08/15 5:00am
Contrary to the country’s referendum results, Penn students from Greece that The Daily Pennsylvanian interviewed overwhelmingly supported accepting the creditors’ offer.
06/25/15 9:00am
Last week, the Annenberg Debate Reform Working Group from Penn’s Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) released a 48-page report recommending modifications in the format of presidential debates
06/18/15 5:00am
Trump, 69, said he was "officially running" this time during a nearly 45-minute speech at Trump Tower in New York City.
06/11/15 6:30am
One Penn-founded website is doing its best to help voters know whether or not what the politicians are saying is actually true.
05/28/15 6:49am
Former City Councilman Jim Kenney won the Philadelphia Democratic primary for mayor last Tuesday with 55.83 percent of the vote. Kenney has explicitly stated his support for a more rigorous citywide PILOTs program.
05/26/15 10:00am
Penn political groups offer forums for a range of partisan and nonpartisan discussions.