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11/20/15 3:23am
While most Penn students were rushing to a class or yawningly getting out of bed, Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina was speaking in Irvine Auditorium.
11/18/15 12:50am
Since the formation of the new student group Penn Against Gun Violence was announced last week, campus discussion on the already controversial issue of gun rights has intensified.
11/13/15 10:18am
The group migrated to College Green to join the SOUL march in solidarity with students protesting at Yale and the University of Missouri
11/12/15 7:10pm
SOUL, or Students Organizing for Unity and Liberation, led a protest Thursday afternoon in which students marched up and down Market Street and ended in front of Amy Gutmann's house.
11/11/15 1:46am
With Kenney and Gym in office, many expect there will be a more rigorous push for Penn to fund Philadelphia schools by paying PILOTs.
11/11/15 12:01am
Last night, Maggie Groff, the Vice President of External Affairs for Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania, spoke to Penn students about Planned Parenthood’s role in recent and upcoming elections.
11/09/15 11:00pm
Scott Garrett previously refused to pay dues to the National Republican Congressional Committee because it had recruited and supported LGBTQ candidates in past elections.
11/08/15 1:36pm
Donald Trump’s second Saturday Night Live stint embraced its controversy.
11/05/15 2:04am
Although nationally the two Democratic presidential front-runners Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have struggled to hold and maintain their favorability among black voters, at Penn students believe both candidates have something to offer black constituents. 
11/04/15 3:53am
In the mayoral election, Jim Kenney, the Democratic candidate, received 101,660 votes — 84 percent of the popular vote — and top Republican candidate Melissa Bailey received 17,823 votes. Democrats in Philadelphia have a 9-1 voter advantage.
11/04/15 3:52am
Philadelphia is the second city in the U.S. to have a permanent Office of LGBT Affairs, the first being Washington D.C.
11/03/15 10:19pm
Penn for Jeb, a political group backing Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, is still in the process of getting the word out via their Facebook page. 
11/03/15 1:34pm
Kenney is likely to be elected the next mayor of Philadelphia.
11/02/15 11:38pm
A Penn graduate’s quest for the White House has ended.
10/28/15 3:44am
The national media won’t be the only ones scrutinizing Donald Trump’s every move at Wednesday’s debate.
10/28/15 3:32am
The DNC will be one of the largest public events ever held in Philadelphia, with an estimated 50,000 people expected to attend the week-long convention.
10/28/15 3:27am
“Next Stop: Democracy” is a new civic engagement project which has hired 60 Philadelphia artists to create eye-catching “vote here” signs for the upcoming City Council elections on Nov. 3.
10/23/15 2:54pm
The co-founder says it is possible that the members may decide to sit down and endorse another candidate in the future.
10/20/15 12:13am
Nicolas Garcia, a political science major, is running as a Democrat in central Florida’s District 41.
10/15/15 1:34am

First openly gay Pa. state legislator talks next steps for LGBTQ movement

Lambda Law hosted a panel entitled “What is next for the LGBTQ Movement” to provide an insider’s view to the hot button issue amidst public fervor after the monumental legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide since this June.