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09/04/12 10:20pm

Before politics, Elizabeth Warren thrived at Penn Law

Not many people get to share a stage with former President Bill Clinton, but former Law School professor Elizabeth Warren will be one of them.
09/04/12 9:30pm

Reporter's Notebook: Dancing with political stars

A Daily Pennsylvanian reporter recounts her experiences so far at the Democratic National Convention.
08/28/12 7:37pm

Students attend national conventions for class

Eight students from communication class “Conventions, Debates and Campaigns,” are in Tampa Bay, Fla., this week to experience and report the RNC.
06/13/12 12:43pm

President Obama fundraises at Franklin Institute

President Barack Obama held three fundraising events at the Franklin Institute in Center City this Tuesday.
06/06/12 9:49pm
The event was an effort to motivate Democrats to register to vote in Pennsylvania, a historic battleground state even though it has voted Democrat in the last five presidential elections.
05/10/12 5:34pm

Student organizers work to capture the youth vote for President Obama

Several Penn students are showing their passion for Obama by working to get him re-elected.
05/10/12 2:19pm
The office, which opened May 2, is Obama’s sixth location in Philadelphia, highlighting the importance of the city in the 2012 presidential race.
05/10/12 1:31pm

Professors offer fall, summer courses geared toward presidential election

Several professors are in the process of revising their curricula or creating new ones for fall semester courses — from Political Science to journalistic writing and communication studies — that will center around the election.
04/24/12 7:25pm
In addition to her duties representing the University, next month Penn President Amy Gutmann will be releasing a new book, The Spirit of Compromise: Why Governing Demands It and Campaigning Undermines It.
04/17/12 12:29am

Mitt Romney talks taxes, election at Tea Party event

Romney spoke of the need to lower taxes to several hundred members of the Independence Hall Tea Party Association, the largest Tea Party group in the tri-state area. VIDEO: Mitt Romney at The Franklin Institute
04/12/12 10:41pm

Despite low standing in race, Ron Paul appeals to youth voters

Paul, who has found much support among young voters, said in an interview with CBS earlier this month that he is “trying to save the Republican Party from themselves.”
04/10/12 11:38pm

Penn's congressional representative proposed education reform in House in March

Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-Pa.), who represents the second congressional district, which includes Penn, introduced the American Dream Accounts Act of 2012 in the House of Representatives last month.
04/10/12 10:12pm

Former Pa. Senator Rick Santorum drops out of Republican presidential race

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum officially dropped out of the Republican presidential race on April 10, effectively guaranteeing former Massachussets Gov. Mitt Romney the Republican nomination.
04/02/12 11:59pm

Penn alum part of group buying Philadelphia Media Network

Krishna P. Singh, Holtec International Corporation chair CEO, is among a group of six local investors who will acquire the Philadelphia Media Network for $55 million, the company announced yesterday.
03/27/12 1:07am

Mayor Nutter and panelists discuss race in the political arena

Nutter and co-panelists Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sanchez and Penn Political Science professor Rogers Smith took a significant portion of the hour to agree that race still plays a role in politics today, though it has come a long way in the past decade.
03/23/12 1:15am

Penn Libertarians discuss floating cities

The group hosted a presentation by Michael Keenan, president of the Seasteading Institute, a non-profit organization whose goal is to set up societies and governments on platforms in international waters.
03/23/12 12:49am

Political commentator Glenn Greenwald disapproves of U.S. war policies

Greenwald, who is widely regarded as one of the country’s most influential political commentators, critically assessed past and current United States presidential administrations’ attempts to expand executive authority.
03/22/12 11:45pm
A seminar-sized audience of 30 listened as Reggie Love, former personal aide to the president, gave advice and provided humorous anecdotes about his experiences.
03/19/12 11:16pm
The forum is an annual discussion panel sponsored by Penn trustee David Silfen and his wife Lyn. This year’s forum focused on the question, “Is America broken?”
02/16/12 8:17pm
Nate Kleinman, a member of Occupy Philadelphia, will run in the Democratic primary for the House of Representatives in Pennsylvania’s 13th district, which includes northeast Philadelphia.