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01/21/20 10:34pm
Penn professor Ian Lustick discussed his new book "Paradigm Lost: From Two-State Solution to One-State Reality" at Perry World House on Tuesday evening.
01/16/20 1:22am
Iranian students in Philadelphia gathered at a candlelight vigil to mourn friends and family lost in a commercial flight that was shot down last week.
01/14/20 11:22pm
United States Sen. and former Penn Law professor Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is among the first 2020 presidential candidates to open a field office in Philadelphia. 
01/14/20 10:41pm
Journalist and 2001 College graduate Amna Nawaz is the first Asian American and first Muslim person to moderate a presidential debate. Nawaz currently serves as the national correspondent at PBS NewsHour, where she has spent much of 2019 reporting on the migrant crisis in United States border towns.
01/14/20 9:45pm
Houston Hall will host a satellite Iowa Caucus in February, organized by College junior and Titonka, Iowa resident, Jessica Anderson.
12/18/19 8:28pm
The House passed two articles, charging Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Trump is expected to be acquitted by the Republican-controlled Senate.
12/08/19 9:58pm
Of the 32 candidates who have announced a presidential bid for 2020, including those who have dropped out, Trump is the only one to have attended Penn.
12/03/19 11:30pm
At a Penn Democrats event, Krasner criticized Biden's past record and his ability to unify the party in 2020.
12/01/19 10:38pm
Student leaders behind Penn for Warren and Penn for Bernie are increasing their outreach to outside organizations to promote their candidates.
11/27/19 11:01am
Scanlon, who now serves as vice chair of the House Judiciary Committee and who graduated from Penn Law School in 1984, argued that Trump has committed impeachable conduct. 
11/27/19 12:58am
While Bernie Sanders supporters at Penn said they would enthusiastically support Uygur's candidacy, more moderate Democrats expressed doubts due to Uygur's history of controversial statements.
11/20/19 10:24pm
Brendan O’Leary, director of the Penn Program in Ethnic Conflict, offered his insight on the consequences of the withdrawal and its future implications. 
11/20/19 8:31pm
The $5 million comes in addition to another $4.4 million approved earlier this year to implement gun violence prevention initiatives in Philadelphia neighborhoods with the highest levels of gun violence.
11/19/19 9:46pm
Penn researchers said these distorted perceptions of polls can have harmful effects on elections and undermine faith in the voting system.
11/17/19 8:16pm
The Penn Wharton Budget Model revealed Thursday that the tax could cause the nation’s annual economic growth to decrease by 0.2 percentage points each year over ten years. 
11/17/19 6:36pm
The announcement comes just three months after Huntsman Jr. announced his resignation from his position as the United States ambassador to Russia.
11/13/19 12:22am
The event was structured as a political debate between Bush, who argued that the United States should implement a merit-based system, and three Penn students assigned to argue in opposition.
11/12/19 11:52pm
A group of 20 student protesters stood in the back and silently held signs that read “Deport Fascism,” “No one is illegal on stolen land,” and “Multiculturalism is America.”
11/11/19 10:50pm
The announcement comes less than a week after the Philadelphia GOP lost one of two seats on the city council dedicated to the minority party. 
11/11/19 9:40pm
Legend also questioned why many men feel intimidated by the prospect of having a female president.