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03/22/10 6:05am
A breakdown of who gets counted in the U.S. Census and how to ensure you are counted correctly in the 2010 Census.
03/22/10 5:16am

Students prefer campaigning to donating

Most Penn students would probably have trouble remembering a time before political campaigns asked for monetary donations in addition to support. Many, however, prefer to back their candidates in other ways.
03/22/10 5:05am

Health care bill passes House

Penn students expressed various reactions to the legislation, intended to provide healthcare coverage to 32 million more Americans.
03/16/10 5:57am

Dems' senate campaigns to heat up at Penn

The Penn Democrats, along with Penn for Sestak and Penn for Specter, will be working hard to get out the vote before the semester comes to an end, according to Penn Dems President and College sophomore Emma Ellman-Golan.
03/16/10 4:24am
Lanny Breuer, the Assistant Attorney General of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice, joined a panel of campus leaders to discuss violence against women.
03/03/10 7:55am

Penn Democrats and College Republicans bridge partisan gap

According to Penn Dems President and College sophomore Emma Ellman-Golan, the Shabbat Unity Dinner with the College Republicans is just one of the activities during which the two groups come together to emphasize bipartisanship.
03/02/10 4:44am

Alum appointed to Obama fiscal commission

Last week, President Barack Obama named Penn alumnus Andy Stern as one of the individuals serving on his fiscal commission.
03/02/10 4:00am

Experts say new credit card law won't affect students significantly

As part of the act, individuals under 21 years of age seeking to open a credit card account need a cosigner or the ability to prove sufficient assets for repayment.
03/01/10 3:31am
The 2008 election may be over, but the members of Penn’s Students for Sestak group have found a new kind of change they can believe in.
02/25/10 4:00am

Beer gets backer in Harrisburg

Proposed law would allow grocery stores and convenience stores to sell beer but not without concessions.
02/24/10 7:50am
Penn for Specter says the senator’s switch from the Republican to Democratic party last April is a mark of courage, not cowardice.
02/24/10 6:57am
Ahmed Rashid, best-selling author of Descent into Chaos: The United States and the Failure of Nation Building, gave the 2009-2010 Rena and Angelius Anspach Lecture, presented by the Christopher H. Browne Center for International Politics.
02/23/10 6:53am

New federal credit policy takes effect

A federal credit policy that seeks to protect consumers from what President Barack Obama referred to as “deceptive, unfair tactics” practiced by credit card companies took effect Monday.
02/19/10 5:49am

College Republicans return to roots

This weekend, members of the Penn College Republicans will be attending the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C.
02/12/10 5:27am

Counting Penn in 2010

Confusion over where students are counted in the census has lead to miscounts in the past, but Penn students and staff are doing their part to make Penn’s count as seamless as possible.
02/11/10 5:33am

Pennsylvania State House of Representatives considers raising minimum wage

Pennsylvania State Representative and Penn alumnus Mark Cohen thinks it’s time to raise the state’s minimum wage again — a measure that would affect many college students working minimum wage jobs.
02/09/10 6:50am

Penn Dems mum on Senate race

On Saturday, the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee voted to endorse incumbent Senator Arlen Specter over Congressman Joe Sestak in the 2010 U.S. Senate election.
02/08/10 7:20am

Healthcare bill won’t hurt PSIP

Despite uncertainty surrounding healthcare legislation, administrators are optimistic the Penn Student Insurance Plan will continue to provide quality care to the 9,363 students it covers.
02/02/10 6:59am

Penn hosts discussion on children's health care

Monday morning at the Penn Law School, the Field Center — a group dedicated to making reforms in child welfare — held a discussion concerning what lies ahead in healthcare reform.
02/01/10 5:19am

Two years into his term, Mayor Michael Nutter makes City Hall more accessible to College Hall

Despite the budget constraints that have eclipsed many of Nutter’s planned initiatives, Penn officials and political analysts say Nutter’s real accomplishment has been changing the tenor of university relationships, making City Hall much more accessible and open to College Hall.