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11/23/20 9:40pm
In a 37-page opinion, U.S. District Judge Matthew W. Brann issued a blow against the Trump campaign’s attempts to potentially invalidate the votes of nearly seven million Pennsylvania voters. 
11/18/20 12:09am
The Trump campaign says the new suit will focus on alleged violations of the U.S. Constitution's Equal Protection Clause. 
11/13/20 12:57am
Three out of four questions asked voters about criminal justice and police reform, and another asked if the city should borrow money to be largely spent on infrastructure repairs.  
11/13/20 12:33am
Now that the election is over, Penn students and recent graduates who poured countless hours into Biden's campaign are looking toward the future with optimism and pride in what they accomplished in this historic election.
11/13/20 12:15am
This lawsuit marks Trump’s most thorough attack against the certification of Pennsylvania’s election results.
11/12/20 1:27am
If Democrats prevail in the two remaining Georgia Senate races, then the Senate will be split equally between the two parties, with Vice President Kamala Harris acting as tie-breaker.
11/12/20 1:12am
Penn Leads the Vote conducted a survey on the effect of the 2020 election on students' mental health, and found that 80% of respondents reported that they were somewhat, moderately, or very anxious and stressed leading up to Election Day.
11/11/20 12:02am
While the Trump campaign claims that Pennsylvania election officials violated federal and state law with charges of voter fraud and improper handling of mail-in ballots, Democratic lawyers and election officials continue to dismiss the challenges as unsupported attacks on a fair election process.
11/10/20 12:13am
Warren also spoke about her optimism about a Biden presidency and issues she hopes will be addressed, including abolishing the electoral college and fighting for racial justice
11/09/20 2:30am
At 10:20 p.m., the police spotted the two armed men without Pennsylvania arms permits. They were detained and later arrested for firearms charges.
11/09/20 1:25am
The panelists also discussed the potential for significant changes in public health legislation in light of the COVID-19 pandemic under a Biden administration. 
11/09/20 12:24am
Despite the celebrations, many students believe the nation must continue fighting for progressive policies in efforts to undo the nation's divisions exacerbated under the current administration.
11/08/20 10:59pm
West sharply critiqued the Democratic Party, especially its failure to protect and uplift the working class, and cited frustration with having to vote for Biden, whom he labeled a "neoliberal disaster."
11/07/20 10:20pm
Biden's win in Pennsylvania pushed him across the 270-vote threshold to become president-elect Saturday morning. Penn students and thousands of local residents filled the streets to rejoice the long-awaited victory.
11/07/20 11:34am
Biden, a 77-year-old Scranton, Pa. native, will be the third president with close ties to Penn, following Donald Trump and William Henry Harrison.
11/06/20 1:30am
As of 9 a.m. on Friday morning, Biden led Trump by over 5,000 votes with 95% of Pennsylvania's vote reported as scores of Philadelphia absentee and mail-in ballots were finally counted. 
11/05/20 3:21am
Members of the Penn and Philadelphia communities masked up and voted in person at three different campus polling locations on Election Day. As ballots continue to be counted, tension and uncertainty hang over the city. The Daily Pennsylvanian sent a team of photographers to capture this unique election week.
11/05/20 2:08am
They span across six states and the majority are running for seats in the United States House of Representatives. Nine are incumbents, while seven are running for the first time. 
11/05/20 1:09am
Although Trump took a strong lead in Pennsylvania on Election Day when in-person results were tallied, the vote count is now trending towards Biden in a “blue shift," as mail-in votes are more likely to favor the Democratic nominee.
11/04/20 12:56am
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke to leaders of some of Penn’s major political groups – Penn Democrats, College Republicans, Penn Leads the Vote, and Penn Justice Democrats – regarding how members of each group are preparing to watch election results trickle in.