01/31/18 6:16am
“Penn stands as a shameful exception among the Ivies,” Penn senior Zoe Weissberg said. “This is a practice that is inexcusable in Philadelphia, which still is the poorest big city in the nation."
01/31/18 4:54am
Before becoming IRC's president, Miliband served as the United Kingdom foreign secretary from 2007 to 2010. At the event, Miliband explained the moral obligation to help refugees.
01/30/18 7:17pm
Days after the former Penn Trustee Steve Wynn was accused of sexual misconduct, the signage for the area named after him, 'Wynn Commons,' has been defaced with paint. 
01/30/18 3:00pm
Last semester’s highly-publicized protests, rallies, and outreach efforts ultimately ended with no policy changes from Penn. 
01/30/18 2:03am
The building, located on the corner of 36th and Walnut Streets, will contain a 120-seat auditorium, classrooms, faculty offices, undergraduate study spaces, and conference rooms.
01/30/18 1:08am
The proposed plan would increase border security, would end the current diversity visa lottery system, and would create a pathway to citizenship for those eligible for DACA.
01/29/18 1:00pm
Since Trump assumed office, Tran said that the number of challenges to visa requests from the government has significantly increased and has made a difficult system even worse.
01/29/18 12:53am
Universities have sought STEM classification for economics since “Econometric and Quantitative Economics” was added to the list of STEM-designated degree programs in 2012.
01/28/18 11:31pm
The formal event took place in College Hall on Jan. 25 and included two teams of three students in a parliamentary-style debate. 
01/28/18 12:12am
Krasner said the creation of this new position assures immigrants that they can use the justice system without expecting “disproportionate consequences,” because of their status. 
01/26/18 7:07pm
Wynn served on the Board of Trustees until 2004 and donated $7.5 million for the construction of the Perelman Quad, which includes Wynn Commons.
01/25/18 6:26pm
The state Supreme Court’s 4-3 decision could change the power dynamics of both the pivotal 2018 midterm election and the May primaries.
01/25/18 3:46am
This panel of city officials is tasked with nominating 27 candidates to serve in nine positions on the new board, which ultimately will influence the education of around 200,000 students.
01/24/18 5:43pm
After Trump's annual physical last week, the White House physician, Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, said Trump was in "excellent health."
01/24/18 1:48am
During her week-long residence, Albats spoke at events both in KWH and in Perry World House and discussed her experience as a Russian opposition journalist.
01/23/18 9:41pm
Schiff, the top Democrat on the U.S. House Intelligence Committee, was required to be in Washington, D.C. for votes related to the government shutdown. 
01/22/18 11:39pm
Currently, Republicans hold the majority in both the Senate and the House. After these elections, however, 33 Senate seats and 435 House seats have the potential to turnover.   
01/22/18 4:00pm
Penn Dems had been in communication with Leach last semester about a possible appearance at Penn in the coming months, Penn Dems President and Wharton sophomore Dylan Milligan said.
01/22/18 1:00pm
“You can’t really have a functioning democracy without an activated public,” political science professor Julia Lynch said. 
01/21/18 6:15pm
Penn Democrats President and Wharton sophomore Dylan Milligan said this past fall 120 new members signed up to be part of the Penn Dems deputy board, 100 of which were freshman.