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09/21/09 6:42am

Increase in city taxes will likely not have big impact on spending habits

The City plans to raise taxes in order to close the budget gap and balance the City's finances
09/21/09 1:04am
Parking in Philadelphia will be a little harder to come by today, as local spaces citywide are turned into micro parks.
09/18/09 6:24pm

Parks to bloom in parking spots around city

Parking in Philadelphia will be a little harder to come by today, as local spaces citywide are turned into micro parks.
09/16/09 4:34am

Bikes, cars and pedestrians share the road

Anyone who has almost been run down by a bike on Locust Walk will appreciate the new signs reminding everyone they cannot ride their bicycles on the core of campus from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
09/16/09 2:59am

C-SPAN bus stops at 36th and Walnut

The bus, which stopped at the corner of 36th and Walnut streets for two hours yesterday morning, has been to all 50 states, said C-SPAN spokesman Rodee Schneider. The bus and its crew are part of C-SPAN’s charge to “try to connect with folks across the country,” Schneider said.
09/09/09 10:07pm
It's not every day you go for a run and see 1,000 naked people riding past you on bikes, skateboards and unicycles. But that's exactly what Engineering senior David Loewy saw as he jogged down the Schuylkill River last Sunday.
09/09/09 3:33am

Reporter's Notebook | Queer eye for the Phila. guy

Each year during New Student Orientation, LGBT Center Director Bob Schoenberg leads a group of students in a proseminar that takes the form of a tour of Philadelphia's Gayborhood.
09/08/09 9:33pm

South Street Bridge design approved

Pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers alike can celebrate as the Philadelphia Art Commission approved the final design for the South Street Bridge reconstruction.
09/08/09 9:25pm

Philadelphia youth inspired to learn with Penn InnoWorks

Middle school students from low-income areas in Philadelphia are taking part in Penn InnoWorks this week, an initiative run completely by undergraduate students that aims to inspire an educational interest in science and engineering.
09/08/09 9:20pm

Paul Rudd visits DRL

On an average day at Penn, there's not much to see at David Rittenhouse Laboratories except linoleum halls and a giant periodic table. But on Monday the building doubled as a set for the untitled James L. Brooks movie starring Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson.
06/11/09 5:56pm

Anti-casino group stages protest

Last Saturday, the Casino-Free Philadelphia Twitter feed read, “Today, we brought our communities to their casino. We beat the house. And we’ll be back.”
06/11/09 5:38pm
On June 4, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter received a Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community Award from the League of American Bicyclists. According to the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, the award is a symbol of Philadelphia’s progress in becoming a more bike-friendly city.
06/11/09 5:33pm

First Phila. swine flu death occurs

On June 8, the death of a 26-year-old Philadelphia woman was reported to be the first death related to complications from swine flu in the city, according to the Philadelphia Department of Public Health’s Division of Disease Control.
06/05/09 1:32am

Former prof leads historic church

A former Penn professor has made her mark on religious history. Reverend Leslie Callahan was recently chosen as the new pastor for St. Paul’s Baptist Church — located at 1000 Wallace Street in Philadelphia — making her the first female pastor in the church’s 119 years of history.