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06/16/11 4:18am

Wharton grads may buy 76ers

A group of investors that includes two Wharton graduates may buy 90 percent of the Philadelphia 76ers for $280 million.
06/09/11 5:01am
Night Market Philadelphia, inspired by street markets throughout Asia, will come to University City Thursday night.
06/09/11 2:45am
University City's Asian and Hispanic populations showed drastic growth, while the black population decreased slightly and the white population remained steady.
06/02/11 4:02am
After seven months of delay, due to inspectors' reviews, Clark Park will open with better drainage systems and a new park center.
06/02/11 3:57am
The Penn Alexander School at 4209 Spruce St. is facing potential overcrowding for the first time in its history.
05/25/11 10:47pm
The University Square Farmer’s Market at 36th and Walnut streets, a staple of Penn’s campus life since 2004, is up and running in time for the warmer months.
05/12/11 8:05pm

Fresh Grocer wine machine may soon offer hard liquor

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board announced last month that they will be running a pilot program to sell hard liquor to some of the current wine kiosks across the state.
04/28/11 1:18am

2015 student addresses racial tension

Coming from a Phila. high school, Duong Nghe Ly has worked to promote racial dialogue and awareness.
04/28/11 1:07am

Retail theft sees slight decrease

While most theft has remained consistent since 2010, petty theft has lessened at many retailers.
04/25/11 2:33am

Philadelphia Orchestra declares bankruptcy

The Philadelphia Orchestra was the first to broadcast on radio and TV, and, as of last week, was also the first major U.S. orchestra to go bankrupt.
04/25/11 12:39am

ICA festivities draw diverse crowd

Coordinators and attendees alike hailed the Institute of Contemporary Art’s “Laundry Boat” day-long celebration Saturday as a success.
04/22/11 12:24am

Online journal opens doors for young writers

Organized and operated by students through the Kelly Writers House, a new online journal called The Blacktop is creating fresh possibilities for young writers all over Philadelphia.
04/21/11 3:43am

Grad student's nonprofit reaches W. Phila. youth

A new service run by Penn students is delivering high-quality college advising to the fringes of Philadelphia.
04/20/11 4:28am

Phila. campaigns for sexual health

The "Take Control Philly" program, which coincides with National STD Awareness Month, provides free condoms to youth to promote safety.
04/14/11 2:47am

Gosnell abortion case advances

West Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, charged with the death of seven babies and a woman, has his next court proceeding set for June 21.
04/13/11 4:09am
Multiple groups have brought farms to areas of Philadelphia to provide widespread access to fresh food, including a recently established farm by Marathon Restaurants.
04/06/11 2:30am

Panel examines Phila. homelessness, HIV

A panel of professors and activists raised awareness Tuesday about the dire situation of the homeless in Philadelphia, especially those living with HIV/AIDS.
04/05/11 4:20am

*BYOs banned by new Philadelphia laws

Citing widespread concerns of reckless behavior, the Philadelphia City Council voted on Monday to pass an ordinance that would outlaw all BYOB restaurants in Philadelphia.
04/01/11 4:10am
This spring, Penn faculty and staff members will help 300 trees find new homes in Philadelphia, helping advance Mayor Michael Nutter’s goal to plant 300,000 new trees in the city by 2015.
04/01/11 3:24am

Students, professors 'shout out' to defend social work

Students and faculty from the School of Social Policy and Practice and social work schools in the area crowded 30th Street Station Thursday morning as part of the first ever “Shout Out for Social Work.”