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09/24/15 12:39am
When the Pope comes to town, transportation around campus is going to be limited almost exclusively to emergency vehicles since Penn is surrounded by some of the best hospitals in Philadelphia.
09/24/15 12:17am
A guide to food vendors that will be open during the weekend.
09/22/15 11:43pm
The price would be included in the cost of attendance at Penn, and eligible for financial aid coverage if it is beyond one’s expected family contribution.
09/15/15 11:59pm
With a prize pool of one million dollars, the competition is the largest of its type. The winner will receive $500,000 and the five semifinalists will each receive $100,000.
09/10/15 12:06am
A July report summarized a pilot program in West Philadelphia supermarkets allowing wasted food to go to good use.
09/08/15 10:57pm
Furniture Campus Home Store has moved from its old location between Cosi and Urban Outfitters on 36th Street to a new location at 3801 Chestnut St.
09/05/15 2:00pm
It’s not Homecoming or Spring Fling, but Penn students will be out in droves for Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia.
09/03/15 12:07am
This year's hackathon will feature themed categories and place an emphasis on civic engagement.
09/02/15 12:17am
Although Penn tried to compromise with the neighborhood, proposing a plan to incorporate the mansion into the housing complex they had received permission to begin, the neighborhood ultimately refused to meet them in the middle.
09/01/15 12:39am
While some are capitalizing on high housing rates for visitors, others are opening their doors freely and still others are restricted in having guests that weekend. 
09/01/15 12:12am
Those who live on the streets will likely need to be relocated as a result of the city's plans.
08/26/15 10:33pm
Next year marks the expected completion of several PennConnects projects, including Perry World House and New College House.
08/25/15 12:00pm
A petition entitled "Save the Drexel Food Trucks!" has received over 2,850 signatures to date. 
08/20/15 2:20am
What you need to know to staying safe on and around campus.
07/23/15 5:15am
Although the feat has never been achieved, Andrew Stober has an optimistic view of his chances of winning an at-large seat as an independent in the Nov, 3 general elections.
07/22/15 5:30am
Although Commonwealth appropriations for Penn are at stake, the University isn’t immediately affected by the current budget impasse.
07/05/15 12:50pm
Around 1:37 a.m. on Saturday, two men were shot. They are in critical condition at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center as of Saturday afternoon. 
05/28/15 6:49am
Former City Councilman Jim Kenney won the Philadelphia Democratic primary for mayor last Tuesday with 55.83 percent of the vote. Kenney has explicitly stated his support for a more rigorous citywide PILOTs program.
05/20/15 12:31am
With 98 percent of the vote counted late Tuesday night, Kenney led state Sen. Anthony H. Williams by a comfortable margin, with four other candidates trailing close behind.
05/15/15 2:18pm
Former 1979 Final Four basketball co-captains will host one of the events.