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02/24/10 7:03am
Kevin McMullin, who graduated in 2009, created his debut film Exit 117 with just $850 and his laptop.
02/19/10 6:13am
Those in need can now find a new source of fresh produce in West Philadelphia. Philabundance opened a new food distribution site at 49th and Spruce streets.
02/17/10 10:56pm

Fresh Grocer closed today

The supermarket at 40th and Walnut closed due to electrical problems. Around 1 p.m. it began experiencing refrigeration problems, which led to cash registers shorting out.
02/17/10 5:01am
The fourth phase of the University City Lighting Initiative is underway. To date, 102 fixtures have been installed in Phase Four, which began last fall.
02/12/10 7:04am
How Philly Moves — a 50,000-square foot, five-story-tall mural to be displayed on the side of the Philadelphia International Airport parking garage — is part of a movement by the Mural Arts Program to beautify the city’s gateways.
02/09/10 6:16am
The 40th Street Artist-in-Residence and ArtsEdge programs aim to provide emerging West Philadelphia artists an opportunity to devote themselves to their art without distraction.
02/08/10 6:37am

PennSavers gives students Philly discounts

For students new to Philadelphia, PennSavers — a weekly e-mail notification about Penn and Philadelphia cultural events — provides “a one-shot flavor” of the city.
02/04/10 7:59am
On Monday, a new Philadelphia law that requires restaurants with over 15 locations to post calorie content on their menus took effect.
02/03/10 6:30am
In an effort to promote higher education among West Philadelphia high schoolers, Penn’s Netter Center for Community Partnerships matched adolescents with advisors Tuesday as part of Shadowing Day.
01/29/10 5:27am
A group of about 50 protesters blocked off the junction outside the Federal Building. The rally was among a series of protests aross the country calling for a freeze on foreclosures.
01/27/10 5:23am
What began with filling up to-go boxes in the dining halls and bringing them to homeless people has expanded into More than Pennies — a project dedicated to fighting hunger in Philadelphia.
01/20/10 5:42am
Despite talk of fare hikes, SEPTA is still far from making any decisions.
12/14/09 12:55am

CHOP healthcare workers allege unfair firings

Nine employees at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia were fired Dec. 4 allegedly for refusing to be vaccinated against influenza.
12/10/09 3:48am

Dental School uses grant money for community outreach

A Penn Dental School initiative aims to provide 120 children with dental sealants by the end of March 2010.
11/18/09 4:02am

Experts discuss homelessness with SP2 students

Tuesday afternoon in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, experts spoke about the problem of homelessness in Philadelphia to a group of Master of Social Work students interning for the Homeless Health Initiative.
11/17/09 5:17am
Terrell Crumpton, 20, and Diandre Rodinson, 21, were panelists at a discussion on the child welfare system, homelessness and poverty last night at the Civic House.
11/17/09 4:51am

Lessons from past shape future expansion

Administrators see Penn growing upwards in addition to outwards and are eager to avoid repeating the negative consequences of Penn's westward expansion during the 1960s.
11/13/09 5:47am

Penn works to engage with area

The turning point for Penn’s relationship with its neighbors was the merger of existing programs into the Netter Center for Community Partnerships in 1992. Still, some tension endures.
11/11/09 5:43am

SEPTA strike plan a success

With SEPTA back on track, students and commuters are returning to normalcy in their travels around the city.
11/11/09 5:43am

Uncovering hidden histories

The University's master plan for post-World War II expansion has been a source of historic tension with the surrounding community.